July 20, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Secrets Of The Stars Part 1”

Sarah Jane deals with a astrologer who seems to be very legit in his abilities.

OK, come on.  The bad guy in this serial is named “Martin Trueman”?  Trueman?  I mean, he’s obviously an alien and all…

Well, maybe not.  He started off as a simple astrologer who had an attack of conscience when he had a customer tell him she was giving him her mortgage money.  But then there was a flash of light and he changed, first by grabbing his concerned customer and apparently converting her to…whatever he is now.

Now, he’s some kind of astrologer who gets sold out crowds.  Something like he really can see the future based on star signs and the like, and that means that Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde, Rani, and her parents take in a show.  Now Trueman is good.  He can get people to stand up at will, including a dumbfounded Clyde, and he knows a lot about where people have come from, even down to Sarah Jane’s association with…the Doctor!?

Nice that they gave Sarah Jane a flashback, but only to her most recent appearances on the parent show.  Probably didn’t want to use footage from the old show given the obvious smaller budget.  Still, that might have been nice.

Anyway, that makes Sarah Jane suspicious.  Clyde thinks its bunk.  Luke, who doesn’t have a birthday, is confused and intrigued so he looks into it.  Rani’s mother is all for it.  Her father not so much.  And Rani will go with Sarah Jane to interview Martin and try to find out what the heck is going on.

Especially since, according to Mr. Smith, nothing is going on.  I mean, it would have to be a violation of the laws of physics for something more than that to be happening.  Even when Martin somehow burns a hole in Rani’s denim jacket just by pointing at it…

Oh, wait, Luke has a theory.  See, since it turns out every sentient species Mr. Smith can think of has something on astrology, then maybe there was a previous universe where the laws of physics were different, and that included astrology.  Somehow, Trueman accessed that old power, uses it to see the future, and then has some other powers.  Mr. Smith says nothing is happening, and that is…proof that Luke is right?  Rani thinks so.

Me, it occurs to me that by this point they’re really just making stuff up.  I mean, it’s kid-friendly sci-fi, so they have to, but “the rules were different in a previous universe and our proof is no proof” sure does seem a bit ridiculous.

Well, two problems.  Trueman is on the TV, taking over.  Which channel?  All of them.  Oh, and he got power over Clyde, sending that kid off to kill Sarah Jane in her own attic.  That power could be very dangerous…