April 24, 2024

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American Gods “The Rapture Of Burning”

Season Three, Episode Eight

I know I was asking quite a bit why Bilquis was still a character on this show, but I never once questioned Salim’s presence.  Quite frankly, I probably should have.  Bilquis at least is a goddess.  This is a show about gods, and Salim is a character that is actually a bit easy to overlook.

However, he earned his place on the show again, once again showing an upward swing in quality over the course of this unintended final season.

Salim, of course, is the gay Omani immigrant who once hooked up with a Djinn and was following that guy around ever since.  But the Djinn went away, and Salim has been adrift ever since, latching on to Laura because, well, he had no where else to go, still wearing the Djinn’s old sweater and looking sad and quiet all the time.  Yes, he proved a bit useful last time by negotiating for Laura with Mr. World, but that doesn’t mean he was quite there yet.

Then we get to the Grand Peacock Inn, an LGBTQ+ friendly place since the 1950s when the trans woman who owned the place sheltered what she thought was a Chinese man running from the police, looking to arrest him for being a pervert.  Said Chinese man was actually a Chinese god of homosexuality, and a blessing from him made the Grand Peacock what it is, and Laura and Salim managed to arrive on the day of a big celebration and orgy.  Laura needs to see the bartender, another leprechaun named Liam Doyle (hey, kids, it’s Iwan Rheon!).  Liam can, with Mad Sweeney’s coin, get Odin’s spear out of Sweeney’s horde, and Laura cuts a deal with him.

Salim, he finds someone there.  He gets to enjoy the orgy, and while it sounds sleazy to describe, it was depicted in a freeing, sweet manner as Salim gets to finally ditch that sweater and enjoy some sex with a mortal man.

As I recall, when Salim and the Djinn hooked up, the Djinn was on top.  This time, Salim asserted himself to be on top, and I am really glad I didn’t type this entry on my work computer.

The bottom line is Salim learns to let go, and he isn’t the only one.  Technical Boy, thrust into his own subconscious by World, lets go a bit of what’s been messing him up.  Wednesday lets go of Tyr the hard way and Shadow the easy way.  Maybe it Tyr had let go of losing his hand to Fenrir the wolf, he might not have minded so much.  As for Salim, he leaves Laura behind to find his own path, finally as peace with himself.  If he’s done with the series here, he had something of a complete storyarc,

Quite frankly, characters like Salim are important since so much of what’s been happening on this show is about what the gods’ war does to humans, but so few of these humans are hanging around,  Shadow is part god.  Laura was dead for a while.  Really, it was just Salim, and while meeting the Djinn did him a lot of good, it seems to have done him even more to let him go.

Not letting go is Laura.  Liam took a while to get back from Sweeney’s horde, and while Laura actually did dump Sweeney’s ashes in the end, but she sure isn’t going to let Wednesday off the hook once Liam gets back (Sweeney’s horde was a lot bigger than it should have been and there was an angry Pooka in there).  Liam knows this spear, and Laura still intends to kill Wednesday with it.

You know, letting go is good sometimes.