May 22, 2024

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YouTube Selection: When Two Comedians Tell The Same Joke From Different Perspectives

What happens when two comedians from the opposite ends of the political spectrum tell the same basic joke?

Comedians tell jokes for a living.  That’s the basic point of their chosen perspective.  Point of view also matters as it will inform how we tell or receive certain jokes.  So, what happens when a more left-leaning comedian and a more right-leaning comedian tell basically the same jokes?

I don’t normally go for political stuff here if I can help it, but honestly, Maggie Mae Fish’s look into this topic was just rather well done.

Maggie Mae Fish’s essay here is less about a specific joke as it is about the person telling it.  Her examples are Rob Schneider, who is conservative in his stated views, and Tim Heidecker, who is more liberal.  What does that mean for the purposes of telling jokes?  See below for details.