June 22, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Last Sontaran Part 2”

Sarah Jane is out of commission so her young friends need to call for emergency help.

Well, it sure did look like that Sontaran shot Sarah Jane, but that sure seems unlikely.  Right?

Oh wait.  He did shoot her.  OK, it was a stun blast because he’s taking her back to Sontar to be tried and executed for her association with a certain Time Lord.  Clyde might be done for, and that means Maria and Luke have to distract that potato-headed goon long enough for the kids to all make a run for it.

Fortunately for the Earth, Sarah Jane doesn’t stay unconscious for long, Maria can call her dad for help, Mr. Smith can inform Alan of all the weaknesses of the Sontarans (you know, that one spot on the back of the neck), Clyde can keep that bulky doofus running around the woods, and Luke can look through the Sontaran ship for some knock-out gas.

Most of that…doesn’t really work it turns out.  The Sontaran had back-up plans, Luke’s gas never gets a chance to work, and the astronomer’s daughter was wired as a sleeper agent.  Alan has his own problems even finding the place, but the bigger problem is his ex-wife Chrissie decides to follow him into Sarah Jane’s house because Alan is a terrible liar and none of his stories work.

That turns out well because for all the Sontaran might have had a lot of back-up plans, no one could plan for Chrissie Jackson smacking him in that special spot with a high-healed shoe.  Sure, there’s an electric shock that knocks Chrissie out, with the hope from Alan and Maria that Chrissie will forget the whole thing because they’d never hear the end of it if Chrissie knew she saved the world.

So, after disarming the Sontaran ship and telling him to go away, followed by that jerk swearing revenge, we only have one thing left.  That would be Maria leaving for America with Alan.  And this time, Sarah Jane knows how to say goodbye properly and everything would seem to be sad, but the day is saved, the coming attractions have already showed me who Maria’s replacement will be, and if nothing else, Maria is still sitting under the same stars as Sarah Jane and the others.

Oh, and Chrissie did remember everything, but we may not need to worry about her from here anyway.