March 3, 2024

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Gotham “The Son Of Gotham”

Season Two, Episode Ten

Just when I thought I got how things work in Gotham City on, um, Gotham, something comes along and confuses me all over again.

See, last episode, Gordon and the cops found and rescued Mayor James.  Now, he didn’t resign.  He was kidnapped, and his lieutenant mayor was killed by Jerome.  There was an emergency election that put Theo Galavan into office, but since James didn’t quit or anything, he should be the mayor again, right?


He isn’t?


I mean, I’ll buy James was so traumatized and frightened by Galavan that he was more than willing to frame the Penguin for the crime.  That makes sense to me.  I just don’t get why he keeps insisting he isn’t the mayor anymore.  Then again, I am rather surprised he’s lived this long on this series.

Now, there’s a lot more stuff going on this episode where Gordon and Bullock took on those crazy monks from the Order of St. Dumas, complete with learning they’re ,killing a set number of people for some stupid ritual to make Gotham better, with the last victim being the Son of Gotham, and that’s obviously Bruce Wayne because these people are dicks.

But I wanted to take a moment to point out Gotham is finally doing something I approve of, and that was not having Galavan rather effortlessly smack Gordon around on a creepy dock.  No, Bruce Wayne…stopped being a naive idiot.


He and Selina got together to trick the needed information about the Wayne killers out of Silver St. Cloud, and it required Bruce to tell convincing lies.  It also required Bruce using his money to hire the sorts of lowlifes that Selina hangs out with to fake a duel kidnapping and make it look like these guys dragged Bruce off to die before coming back to threaten Silver.

Oh, Silver, you truly were an awful person, but the name “M. Malone” will surely mean something to Batman fans, but Bruce got what he needed.  Selina proved you were two-faced and not as smart as you thought you were, and it’s hard to care that he Uncle Theo is a mean, mean man to her.

Mostly because her Aunt Tabitha got into a fight with Alfred, and he did mostly hold his own before escaping while wounded.

Oh, and then Theo captured Bruce.

Man, these rich guys think they run everything.  We need some people with a lot less money and prestige to show this jerk a thing or two.  He’s probably pissed off a lot of people by now.

That would explain why the Penguin pops up to rescue Gordon, and if those two are teaming up, Theo Galavan might be toast.