April 19, 2024

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American Gods “Fire And Ice”

Season Three, Episode Seven

So, Wednesday has this driver I hadn’t mentioned named Cordelia.  I was starting to wonder if she knew what Wednesday was or not.  She was doing all kinds of errands, helping him pull cons, and all that sort of stuff, but did she know he was a god?

Well, I know the answer to that now.

See, she didn’t…until a flaming corpse fell in front of the car.  Now, we have all kinds of people looking for all kinds of things.  Except for Shadow because he’d just assume have lots of sex in the snow or the hot tub or both (it’s American Gods so it could be either or both) with Marguerite.

That said, Cordelia does take all of it in stride once she’s done freaking out.

However, I did say other people were looking for things, so let’s look over who that is.

Laura is looking for Wednesday to kill him.  Mr. World seems to be helping, but I don’t know who wants to negotiate anything with someone wearing Danny Trejo’s face.  Good thing Salim the Omani cabbie is there because he actually knows a thing or two about mythology and folklore and contracts, verbal or otherwise, so he can actually negotiate safe passage for Laura if she pulls the whole thing off with Laura adding provisions to make sure Shadow, Salim, and Sweeney’s ashes get the same level of protection.  That’s nice.

World adds if Laura fails, all those people die and she accepts.  That is less nice.

So, that’s what Laura is looking for.

Wednesday is looking for that treacherous dentist Tyr.  Tyr seems to be killing off all of Wendesday’s modern day adherents, and that comes out after he and Cordelia visit a shifty looking mechanic type.  Those are the worst.

Tyr is looking for Shadow…oh wait, Shadow left Lakeside because this guy he just met, not Wednesday, not Cordelia, not Laura, and not even what looked like Genesha under the frozen lake, seemed to ask him.  No, some dude he just met with one hand.  That sure seemed smart.

Then again, Bilquis is also looking for Shadow because part of her mission is to protect Shadow and…the other.  Whoever that is.

That’s a lot of people looking for other people.  Then again, what is religion aside from the search for answers?

That is as clever as I am going to get on this column today.