March 3, 2024

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Gotham “A Bitter Pill To Swallow”

Season Two, Episode Nine

Man, even Alfred is acknowledging how naïve young Bruce is on this show.  It’s like the writers read my mind…or anticipated it.

It’s not like this is a new show or anything.

Regardless, at least Bruce is learning.  He’ll be getting some help from the much more savvy Selina to see what kind of dirt there is on that little so-and-so Silver St. Cloud.  Works for me.  But I have some questions.

“I have some questions” could describe so many episodes of this show.

But here goes: what’s up with Jim Gordon’s “dark side” all of a sudden?

Here’s the situation:  Tabitha Galavan decided to hire some hitmen to take down Jim Gordon…just because.  Theo isn’t happy when he finds out much later, so let’s just roll with it.  And this is still Gotham, so of course there’s a hidden club where the generally reliable Michelle Gomez runs some kind of hitman-for-hire business behind a hidden door in a bar.

I would have been disappointed if there wasn’t such a place.

Anyhoo, Tabitha hires the club to kill Gordon by sunrise, various assassins go out, most don’t make it, but Gordon, after being counseled by both Lee and Barnes in very different ways about his dark side, manages to not kill the last and most viscous of the killers, namely Eduardo Flamingo.

He eats faces.

Now, here’s my thing:  since when did Jim Gordon have a dark side?  I’m not saying he can’t, but Gordon is such a straightarrow character on this show that he comes across as downright boring compared to, oh, everybody else even as he’s the ostensible star of the show and the main character.  I often don’t say a whole lot about him because, well, he’s bland and boring compared to, oh, everybody else.

I mean, the Nygma/Cobblepot plot line where the guy who isn’t quite the Riddler nurses the guy who is the Penguin back to health and even gives the guy some advice about how to handle loss is good stuff, but it isn’t the main plot of the episode.  That’s all about Gordon keeping himself, a wounded Barnes, and some rookie woman cop alive.

So, given he started the show and, up until somewhat recently, has mostly just been the good cop who won’t bend the rules, now all of a sudden he has a dark side that needs to be reined in?  Sure, much of that could be attributed to just living and working in Gotham, a place that is so bananas that it makes solid men fall to some sort of “dark side” while still somehow not being corrupt men that cause problems.  And sure, Gordon fights back the urge enough to take Flamingo alive, and Lee is glad to hear that.

You know, until it comes out Flamingo killed that rookie cop Gordon kept alive by biting the woman’s jugular open at the police station.

You know, that’s the sort of thing that could make a person go to some sort of dark side.