Ozark “Kevin Cronin Was Here”

Wait, that last episode of Gotham I watched opened with a weird dream sequence, and so did this episode of Ozark.

I cannot wait to see what someone is dreaming on the next episode of The Haunting of Bly Manor I get around to.

Though, to be fair, Wendy’s dreams here are a lot more conventional than anything on Gotham could ever hope to be.  Plus, I was suspicious when the episode opened with Wendy playing with a dog the Byrdes don’t have.  Sure, the dream ends with Wendy killing Marty the same way Cade Langmore died, an event Wendy did not actually witness…but the second dream she has later has similar echoes, so maybe Wendy’s descent into more crime is starting to bug her conscience all the same.  She doesn’t show it like Marty does, but it’s there.

Then again, Wendy’s other actions this episode suggest the opposite.  Taunting Darlene Snell into throwing a punch to get Zeke back and suggesting the less reluctant owner of that other casino put his foot down while she and Helen rather aggressively act like they own the thing before the sale is final are not the sort of things Wendy was engaging in before this season started.  Oh, it’s a wonderful progression for the character, and there was nothing there to suggest she couldn’t go that way.  It’s more like up to that point she hadn’t, arguing perhaps up until now she could still be a good, honest, law-abiding citizen if she just didn’t go too far.

I wonder if she still thinks that way.  Even if the new casino is there for perfectly legal financial transactions, she’s still not exactly being…nice.  Yeah, “nice” is a good word.  I can see her being that sort of aggressive before, but that’s my take on that.

Considering she tells her visiting brother Ben almost everything she’s been up to, and he not only approves but reacts like this is the kind of person she’s been all of her life…yeah, I think we’re seeing something that was always there, and it is to Ozark‘s credit that they didn’t try to hide this side to the character who was always on board with whatever illegal thing Marty was doing.

Of course, Wendy’s ascension in the business is still at Marty’s expense.  Yes, that FBI accountant Maya Miller looking over all of Marty’s books seems nice enough, but she’s also pushing for Marty to become some kind of informant, something he seems inclined to do.  Likewise, even with the feds looking over everything, Marty still needs to launder money.  He can’t use Wendy’s new place.  Helen doesn’t care to help.  Heck, Helen asks Ruth if Ruth could run the casino without Marty.  Nothing ominous there.

Fortunately, the band REO Speedwagon is playing a show, and they’re apparently up for an assist to the laundering in a way that suggests they’ve done it before.  Sure, it’s an actor playing their manager in the scene, but I am sure the band had to approve the script since they do appear at the end of the episode that makes them look like financial criminals.

So, that works out for Marty, right?

Um, no.  The Cartel kidnapped him by the end of the episode, and he didn’t even really fight it.  Ben and Ruth did give chase, but those two are generally only armed with their mouths while the Cartel tends to have guns, so that didn’t work.

Maybe we can see how well Wendy can do without Marty now.

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