April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “Silence In The Library”

Killer shadows stalk through a giant library, chasing the Doctor, Donna, and a mysterious woman who seems to know the Doctor very well.

Huh.  Is the theme for the final series of episodes with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor that he’s meeting relatives he didn’t want or know he had?

Because this episode premiered Alex Kingston’s River Song.

So, in all honesty, I don’t know much about River Song the character outside of one thing:  she is the Doctor’s wife.  Or, she will be.  This episode here is the first encounter for the two…sort of.  Professor River Song does know the Doctor, but he’s never seen her before.  Fortunately, she’s smart enough to realize why that is, namely he just hasn’t met her in his own timeline yet.

That doesn’t stop her from laying down some very broad hints.

Essentially, the Doctor and Donna stop at The Library, a planet-sized depository for books, and the place is completely deserted.  The Doctor got a request on his psychic paper (that turned out to be from Professor Song), asking for help, and when she arrives with an archeological team, she gets to talking to him in a very familiar manner, but he doesn’t know why.  Donna is even more mystified, but she gets a lot more upset when River confesses privately that she’s never heard a mention of her before.

That said, I will say that River Song does seem like the sort of woman the Doctor should settle down with, not some young shopgirl or something.  River Song is smart, takes no guff from anyone, and flirts with the Doctor, often in ways he doesn’t catch onto right away.  Oh, and she has a sonic screwdriver exactly like the Doctor’s, and he’d never give that thing away to anybody.  I got a bit of a kick of River’s knowing comments, remarks where she says she expected the Doctor to react a certain way before adding she did much the same thing.  Really, if the Doctor were to marry a woman who wasn’t a Time Lord, someone like River Song seems like a good match.

But then there’s the other problem, and not the one involving the little girl who sees the Doctor on her TV as he investigates the Library.  Also, not the rich jerk who says he and his family built the place and they deserve to have…something.  You know he’ll probably die before the full story is told.

No, the problem is the Vashta Nerada.  They’re the reason every sentient species is afraid of the dark, living shadows that can kill a living being very, very quickly.  They grab the jerk’s poor secretary when she wanders off, and then eat another guy in his spacesuit, leaving behind only a skeleton in the suit that can only repeat the man’s last words over and over again:  “Hey, who turned out the lights?”

Donna gets into trouble at one point, and the little girl zaps her away.  She seems to be on the TARDIS, but at the same time, her face is a guide on one of the Library’s terminals.  So, there’s a Donna head saying Donna was saved, the killer shadow asking who turned out the lights coming from one area of the library, and a whole lot of darkness coming from another end as the episode ends.  This will…not go well for a whole lot of people, I can tell.