Gotham “Tonight’s The Night”

Much of this episode deals with Barbara enacting an elaborate death trap for Gordon, with Barnes and the Strike Force trying to stop it, tensions with Lee, and Bullock of all people figuring out where Barbara’s hideout is because, well, she is not a criminal mastermind.  I keep saying that, but this show has been off the air for a few years, so it’s too late for anyone to really take note.

But I don’t really care much what happens to Barbara or Gordon, so I’ll just skip most of that.

I mean, aside from the an episode-opening freaky dream, there isn’t much of note for the Barbara story, especially since she falls off the top of the Gotham City Cathedral in a wedding dress and doesn’t die, so she’ll be back to cause more trouble despite being about as deep a character as a rain puddle.

Instead, this is Gotham, and that means the other, weirder plots catch my eye more.  One of them involves Theo Galavan trying to reel in young Bruce Wayne, and if I was getting tired of how naïve Bruce has been up to this point, he may have taken a step in the right direction this time around.  Galavan’s latest effort involves offering Bruce evidence on who, exactly, had Bruce’s parents killed, but he will only turn it over as part of a sale option to Bruce in exchange for controlling interest in Wayne Enteprises.  Bruce can be a simple cash billionaire, and Theo promises to root out all the corruption in the company and clean up the city.

Now, that is a mighty tempting offer.  Bruce wants to know who killed his parents, and he also wants to clean up the company.  Furthermore, he knows that following Alfred’s path will take years, and he wants to help people now.  Why not sell to Theo?  Bruce doesn’t know, like the audience does, that Theo is evil.  Gordon only just figured that out two episodes or so ago.  And both Bruce and Alfred do get the feeling that Theo’s offer is more like blackmail than negotiations.  The company is Bruce’s responsibility and legacy, so what can the kid do?

You know, no one at any point asks how Theo Galavan got that evidence in the first place…

Meanwhile, Nygma is just trying to bury his dead girlfriend in the woods, but people keep showing up.  First a hunter, so he’s gotta die too.  Then someone swipes his picnic lunch while he’s getting more tools from the car.  That would mean another body, but instead, he goes off and finds a small trailer in the woods with the Penguin inside.  That could be interesting.

In the end, Bruce decides not to sell.  And that would be about the time Gordon burst in to arrest Galavan because Barbara–again, not a criminal genius–let it be known where Galavan was holding Mayor James.  Since kidnapping the mayor is illegal and since the mayor didn’t actually quit or anything, Galavan isn’t mayor and he can be arrested, though not before tossing his “Wayne killer” evidence into a nearby fireplace.  Maybe now Bruce will question more when people like that guy shows up.

Then again, this is only part eight in an eleven part storyarc.  So, this Galavan dick might not be done just yet.

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