The Haunting Of Bly Manor “The Two Faces, Part 2”

Oh, Bly Manor, you almost got me looking more sympathetically at Peter.


See, this is the episode where we finally more or less learn what is going on with Peter, Rebecca, and the kids.  We’ve gotten hints here and there.  And since the show has so far done a lot of episodes that showed the story from different points of view, we might have finally gotten one from Peter to show he was at least a little misunderstood.

This is all started sometime after the Lady of the Lake killed him.  He disappeared, and only the kids really know he’s dead.  And since Bly Manor the show and Bly Manor the house both have the dead more or less trapped in memories, we see a bit of the rough life he had with his mother over and over again.  He likewise seems genuinely interested in being with Rebecca once he figures out how to communicate with her.

In point of fact, under normal circumstances for a show like this, Rebecca would have died by Peter’s hands and that was why she was a ghost.  And that, um, is still true.  He can possess people, more permanently with permission, and he took her body down to drown in the lake, mostly because he had a plan for the two to be together forever by taking over the bodies of Miles and Flora.  Miles seems to be on board already because he’s a kid and Peter knows how to talk his way around all that.

But why would Peter want to do that to a kid?  Well, apparently, if you’re a ghost long enough in Bly Manor, you lose your face and much of your self-identity as a result.

Man, that sure does explain the opening credits.

So, OK, killing Rebecca and possessing some kids is a terrible thing to do, but we can at least say he’s doing it out of fear of losing his face and identity.  As motives go, it’s a bit desperate as a means to stay with her and not be another faceless something and even someday leave the Manor in Miles’s body.  And since Dani knows too much, she has to die, but he’s doing all this for (a twisted idea of) love, right?

Of course, any sympathy I may have had for Peter leaves when, in Miles’s body, he takes Hannah out to the well and shows the housekeeper her corpse.  The whole scene played out with Peter/Miles being the most awful person possible to Hannah with just his words.  There’s the condescending jackass we’ve been seeing up until this point!

On the other hand, Rebecca and Flora are most decidedly not on board with this whole plan and actually let Dani go, even guiding her outside the Manor.  See, if you have a plan to take over a kid’s body so you and your girlfriend can stay together beyond the grave, it might help to make sure she’s on the same page as you are.

Too bad the Lady in the Lake grabbed Dani out there.

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