April 24, 2024

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Gotham “Mommy’s Little Monster”

Season Two, Episode Seven

Wait a minute…Silver St. Cloud is evil in this universe?

Huh.  You think you know a person…

So, Gotham is the type of show that I generally like but sure does provoke more questions than answers.  Mostly that’s because stuff is done to be cool or something along those lines and not because it makes any sense.

Like, am I supposed to be surprised that Tabitha broke Butch and fixed him?  Butch, the friendliest mobster in Gotham, had a trigger word…and he knew what it was.  I am sure he couldn’t use it on himself, but he knew what it was, so there had to be some way around that I would think.

Point is, as I expected, Butch led Penguin into a trap, one that ended with Mama Cobblepot dead in her son’s arms and with Penguin escaping because he taunted Theo into trying to pull the trigger himself.  Apparently, the guy that can barely walk without a waddle can really move when he needs to.

So, here’s another question:  why didn’t Penguin send Zsasz to take out the Galavans?  OK, Tabitha is some kind of proto-Catwoman with the whip and all, so she might be a bit too much even for that bald psychopath, but Theo doesn’t seem that formidable on his own and Victor is, if nothing else, really good at killing.  It’s not like he left town or something.  He stages an attack on newly enthroned Boss Butch while Gordon and Bullock are there, and those two do learn about Mama Cobblepot’s role in all this.

Then again, Theo won the mayoral election and is, apparently, instantly the mayor.  His first order of business is to establish a curfew and what sounds like martial law to bring the Penguin in, having framed Oswold for various crimes.

Can a mayor do that?

In the climax, after Tabitha has killed at least one cop during an attack by the Penguin on a grand ball of some kind, Theo orders Gordon to kill the Penguin.  By now, Gordon has figured out Theo’s plans because, well, it wasn’t that clever, but can a mayor just order a cop to kill someone?  He’s a cop, not a soldier, and the mayor is not the commander in chief of any sort of armed forces…I think.

Then again, Gordon is dumb enough to tell Theo he will take the new mayor down to Theo’s face.

Speaking of dumb…will we still be seeing this Very Naïve Bruce Wayne for much longer?  Selina met Silver, they did some kind of pre-teen “stay away from my man” thing when he left the room, and Bruce ultimately sided with Silver (she cried) when Selina told him Silver was a fraud.  I get that Bruce led a sheltered life, but I would hope the future Batman starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together fairly soon.

Really, lots of questions.

That said, I was amused that Nygma’s split personality left behind scavenger clues for himself to find the missing corpse of his dead girlfriend.  That the two then merged into the new, shall we say, Riddler persona was interesting in that I barely said anything at all about the whole Riddler plot this whole time.