February 21, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Lost Boy Part 2”

Sarah Jane and her friends and even some enemies need to stop Mr. Smith from making a huge mess of everything.

I know that Doctor Who in the modern era often tosses out world-shattering things that the general public ultimately decides to just ignore, like how a police box seems to be places where it shouldn’t be, but then I get to the end of this episode and wonder how that all works.

I mean, the freakin’ moon almost crashed into the Earth.  People would remember something like that.

As it is, I am at the end of the first series of episodes, and I was rather charmed by The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Yes, it is aimed at a younger crowd, but it was fun.  It reminded me more of classic Doctor Who than the new series by that name does.

Regardless, this one all boils down to Mr. Smith manipulating both Sarah Jane and the Slitheen into building a device that would pull the moon down to crash into the Earth.  Apparently, Mr. Smith is an alien lifeform himself, a crystalline species called the Xylok.  There are a lot of them trapped in the Earth’s core, and the destruction of the planet would free them.  They’d be the only survivors, of course, but Mr. Smith, made unknowingly into a supercomputer by Sarah Jane, doesn’t much care.  It’ll kill off the Slitheen too, what with their device giving Luke some telekinetic power that could pull the moon from orbit.

However, Sarah Jane is no dummy.  Mr. Smith pulled Clyde into himself, and Clyde warned Maria’s father Alan what was going on.  He’s a computer expert, and he did build a virus.  The Slitheen, once they learn they’ve been tricked, offer up some help turning off the TK headbands (except the kid is a rather bloodthirsty little jackass, but that’s for maybe later), and when she has to, Sarah Jane even calls K9 out to help.  Can’t have the robo-dog solving all her problems, but he’s a good dog nonetheless.

All that means is Mr. Smith gets a virus put into him that makes him a lot more compliant as a defender of the Earth, so the moon goes back to where it should be and everyone outside the main cast will probably forget about all this.  Sarah Jane reflects on how Maria, Alan, Luke, and Clyde are the family she never had before, and we get a nice send-off to a fun first series.  I will actually look forward to more of this in the future.

But not right away.  Time to go back to the Doctor.  I have a bunch of Tenth Doctor adventures to finish off.  I was enjoying those as well.

These would be the last of the Tenth Doctor’s adventures…barring more Big Finish stuff and other special treats I might give myself from time to time.  But I enjoy those too, so that should be a lot of fun.