July 19, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Lost Boy Part 1”

Sarah Jane faces her greatest challenge: some folks showing up and claiming to be Luke's biological parents.

Well, this has been a rather fun show as I get to the final serial of its first series.  Sure, it’s kid friendly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for adults.  I like the generally brighter tone of the show and how it handles drama.

Which is to say there may be problems when Luke’s parents show up.

Parents have been at the center of this series since Sarah Jane opted to adopt Luke in the first place.  As far as she knows, Luke is a science experiment given a human form, a boy learning how to interact with the world.  Luke’s a quick study on anything that isn’t social interaction.  Meanwhile, Maria is teaching her father about the way things are, and he seems to be largely open to letting Maria keep doing it largely because he realizes very quickly he probably can’t stop her.

Then a very worried-looking couple appear on the TV claiming to be Luke’s parents, looking for their lost son Ashley.  Yes, Ashley looks exactly like Luke.  Could they be Luke’s parents?  Sure looks that way.  And since Maria’s self-centered mother Chrissie never liked that Sarah Jane to begin with for…reasons, she is more than happy to call the cops on Sarah Jane and have her arrested for kidnapping while Luke goes back to his supposed parents.

I mean, Mr. Smith backs the whole thing up.  Mr. Smith is never wrong.  He says so himself.

Now, if you’re sitting here thinking this will all go for the best, you must be new to TV.  Yes, Luke’s supposed parents aren’t his parents at all, sharing information with some unknown figure that they have the boy and locking Luke in his room and keeping him out of school.  They even keep him from seeing Clyde.

Now, Sarah Jane doesn’t stay in lock-up very long since she knows people, and Mr. Smith suggests she look into some case involving a genius kid who is very rude and pushy, working for some company that might be making breakthroughs with telekinesis.  She even goes back later to find more evidence, again as suggested by Mr. Smith, missing Clyde who has a photo of Luke from his “parents” for Mr. Smith to analyze.

Good news for our heroes there:  the photo is fake.

Bad news:  Mr. Smith faked it.  He’s the third party the parents were talking to, and he zaps Clyde into…somewhere else.

Worse news:  those parents and that rude kid are Slitheen, back for more revenge, in a new slimmer version of their standard skin suits.  And yes, the rude kid was the child Slitheen from the previous appearance.

Luke might be in real trouble.