March 2, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? Part 1”

Sarah Jane disappeared without a trace, but only Maria remembers she even existed!

Man, what happens when someone who saves the day in secret never existed?

Probably a lot of death and destruction.  That’s an awfully stupid question I just asked.

Yes, Luke is out there learning to have fun again, this time with skateboarding, but afterwards, everyone goes back to Sarah Jane’s house as Mr. Smith talks about how he’s monitoring an incoming meteor that could wipe out the human race.  Fortunately, Mr. Smith can more or less handle it, and that is that.  Sarah Jane decides to give some kind of puzzle box that some holy man gave her to give to the person she trusted most for some reason.  That would be Maria.

Don’t tell Luke.

Anyhoo, Maria does get the box open and finds…nothing.  But then some cowled jackass without a face shows up and makes Sarah Jane disappear.  Like, Sarah Jane no longer existed or something.  Only Maria can remember her neighbor.  Luke doesn’t live around the neighborhood.  Clyde says he doesn’t know Maria very well.  No one remembers Sarah Jane.  There is only Andrea, the woman living in Sarah Jane’s house.

So, no Sarah Jane.  No Mr. Smith.  No one watching that meteor..wait, no one seems to be worried about that.  It’s all Maria, trying to convince people that Sarah Jane existed.  About all she learned is Sarah Jane drowned in this reality as a kid and Andrea was there at the time.

Remembering that freaked Andrea out.

So, naturally, that cowled jackass decides to do the same to Maria.  Some short alien chases her around.  She managed to drop the puzzle box, allowing her father Alan to find it, so when short alien guy zaps Maria away, and once again, time starts to rewrite itself so that Maria didn’t exist…Alan somehow remembers because of the puzzle box.  His ex-wife Chrissie?  Not so much, but she’s kinda awful anyway.

Will Maria be able to save the day?  Where did she go?  Looks like she’s in the 60s, and she just met a girl about her age.

Said girl’s name is Sarah Jane Smith.

Dum Dum DUM!