April 18, 2024

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Gotham “By Fire”

Season Two, Episode Six

Apparently, the first half of season two is a storyarc entitled “Rise of the Villains”.  I’m about halfway through that right now and, yeah, these villains are rising.

So, here’s the situation with different villains.  Penguin’s plans to infiltrate Galavan’s organization with a one-handed Butch doesn’t go according to plan.  Since Penguin’s plans only sound brilliant about half the time, here’s another half when Butch’s story has some holes in it, and Oswold’s insistence that Butch find Mama Cobblepot NOW means Butch gets caught by Theo and Tabitha.  And they figure out Butch is basically programmed to do exactly as he’s told by Penguin…you know, until Tabitha gets through with him.

Butch might not be so trustworthy now…

Theo, meanwhile, is torturing Congressmen for endorsements (dude, just cut a deal with someone like most politicians, it’s less likely to blow up in your face), and making offers of friendship to young Bruce Wayne after dinners with Silver St. Cloud.

You know, the Bruce Wayne that Theo wants to murder for the crime of being a Wayne.

Theo is a dick.

So, you know, that’s bad.  But this is Gotham, so we need something ridiculous and over the top like an underground auction for young women.  Selina, needing to make some quick cash, takes Brigid there with her flamethrower to try and get the money, but Brigid actually more of a conscience than Selina and wants to do something about the captured women.  And she will…later…after she learns how satisfying barbecuing her own abusive adopted brothers can be.  Then she’ll go back and free the women…only for the cops to show up.  Gordon got a tip from Selina and he found Selina because Harvey got a tip from Ivy Pepper.

Sounds about right.

Brigid ends up setting herself on fire, and Gordon thinks she’s dead.  That makes Selina angry enough to swear off talking to cops again.

So, let’s review our criminals rising.  We have Penguin headed for a gang war with the Galavans.  We have Selina Kyle ending any interest in helping law enforcement.  We have Brigid appearing to die…but maybe not since she wakes up in one of those underground lab type places where they do experiments on people in secret without anesthetic.  She has fireproof skin now since her fireproof suit burned into her flesh.   How pleasant.  Did I miss any rising villains?

Oh yeah.  Nygma told Ms. Kringle what happened to her abusive ex-boyfriend, and it turns out she finds homicide a bit of a turn-off.  And Eddie accidentally kills her while trying to keep her quiet.

Yeah, that’s a lot of villains.  We need a Batman or something, but he’s still a kid who doesn’t know he’s walking into a trap from the looks of things.