February 26, 2024

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I Know This Much Is True “Episode Four”

Episode Four

So, sometimes for a character in a work of fiction to really reach a point where they’re ready to listen and change, they need to hit some sort of rock bottom.

This may be that point for Dominick Birdsey.

At the end of the third episode, Dominick wrapped his truck around a tree.  It was dark, he was upset, and his truck was decorated with egg and toilet paper.  He isn’t in any legal trouble, so he’s just looking to get his insurance settlement and then head off to get Thomas out of the hospital he’s in and bring his troubled brother to live with him.

The problem there is Dominick is already in a dark mood.  He isn’t taking his painkillers because he wants a clear head when he meets the insurance guy.  He has no ride and doesn’t want help on a contracting job from his stepfather Ray.  Ray is not someone Dominick thinks highly of in the first place due to Ray’s past somewhat violent temper.  It is not as if Ray hit Dominick or Thomas or Ma Birdsey from what we’ve seen so far.  It’s just that he was very, very loud and inclined to shout.  That in an of itself is a form of abuse, of course, but I felt some clarification was necessary.

Dominick, however, still doesn’t think highly of Ray and doesn’t want his help, going over to work at the house where he was supposed to be doing work but hasn’t.  And while on a second floor ledge working around a window, grumpy and badly injured, the man of the house sees him out there and shoots him with a shotgun, knocking Dominick to the ground below.

For an already injured man, that does make things worse.  He wakes up in a hospital on a morphine drip, two days later, and learned the hospital board maybe tricked Thomas into saying things that would get him confined even longer.

So, here we are.  Dominick’s lowest point.  We see some more flashbacks to the day Thomas was originally committed.  We see how much Ray shouted when Thomas nearly flunked out of college, the one thing keeping Thomas, technically born the day before Dominick, from being drafted and sent to Vietnam.  Thomas isn’t well, but in the grand scheme of things, maybe Dominick isn’t either, and not just for the obvious physical injuries.

Regardless, Dominick does get some visitors.  Sheffer comes by to apologize and explain what happened.  Joy comes by and doesn’t believe Dominick when he says he had a vasectomy and Joy couldn’t possibly be carrying his baby.  And then the surprise of surprises…

Nedra Frank returns with the translated manuscript.

It may be time for Dominick to really begin healing.