December 2, 2022

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Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man Volume 7

Spider-Man has very little to do with Spider-Man 2099 despite the title of the trade...

Honestly?  I’ve been going a bit easy on The Amazing Spider-Man coming out of Marvel of late.  There’s a reason for that:  I find Spider-Man works best when he’s just a fun read.  And this Spider-Man series has, for the most part, been a fairly fun read.

But I may be reaching my limits since, despite the subtitle of the 7th volume being 2099, it sure didn’t feel like it was all that much about anything 2099-related.

See, despite the title, the character of Spider-Man 2099 has very little to do with what’s happening in this volume.  Yes, Miguel O’Hara does appear in the story, and he does eventually track down Peter Parker.  And…not much really happens.  I think the two Spiders get maybe two pages together total out of the entire trade.

Apparently, something happened in the present that was causing the future world of 2099 to disappear, so Miguel came back to the past to do something about it.  His memory is a bit fuzzy, but it involves something to do with Dr. Doom.  Meanwhile, Peter and his superspy sister Theresa are looking into something involving the Chameleon, Silver Sable, and some of Sable’s associates in some sort of power grab, and part of that involves an assassination attempt on Doom.  Of course, a simple assassination of Doom can’t possibly work.  This is the guy who battles whole superhero teams by himself.  So, really, there’s something else that will come of that which may or may not involve Miguel O’Hara.

I think at this point, I’d like to see that writer Nick Spencer is actually going somewhere with all this.  Part of this story involved Peter and his grad student group working with some gadget that can predict how the immediate future will work out given enough variables.  Something like that seems a little much, even if it does lead to some interesting pages as Peter and Theresa plot out various possible courses of action to try on Doom (most of which end poorly and violently for Peter and Co.).  But it sure does seem like Spencer is tossing a lot of balls into the air involving all kinds of players, and it may or may not be going anywhere.

Then again, I might have been happier if there was more to do with either Spider-Man 2099 or just the 2099 time period.  Was there a reason for Miguel O’Hara to appear in this storyline?  I don’t really see one.  His presence neither added to nor subtracted from anything involving the Doom storyline, hence my overall dissatisfaction with this volume.

7.5 out of 10 body-hopping snipers.

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