July 13, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Warriors Of Kudlak Part 2”

Sarah Jane and Maria rush to rescue Luke and Clyde from an alien press gang.

Well, this looks like it could be bad since Luke and Clyde were abducted to fight in an alien war and Sarah Jane and Maria were cornered by the alien behind it all, Mr. Kudlak.

Except Kudlak isn’t really in charge and that’s important.

Escaping from Kudlak isn’t that difficult with a sonic lipstick to the noggin, and Sarah Jane and Maria do make it out and back to Sarah Jane’s house to use Mr. Smith for more help identifying Kudlak’s species.  They do find him and learn that Kudlak is a general in a very long war, one where they got into a mess of a thing with a hostile force that pretty much declares war on anyone who looks at them.

So, what does that have to do with Luke and Clyde?  Well, Luke is good enough with scraps of this’n’that to get the two of them out of the crate they were locked into by masked goons, and then they find more kids, all the ones missing from the country, and manage to run around loose for a period, even discovering they’re in an alien ship overlooking the Earth.

That’s bad.

Fortunately, Sarah Jane is on the case.  She and Maria have to evade Discount Colin Farrell a second time and even blackmail him into beaming them to the spaceship.  By then, Luke has used Clyde’s cell phone to hack the alien’s computers, finding a shuttle craft they can use to escape and something else Clyde doesn’t want to hear about right away.

Clyde should listen to Luke more.

Now, Kudlak’s people are professional soldiers with real weapons, and everyone else is either an older woman reporter with no weapons and just a lot of gumption and a bunch of unarmed kids.  The escape only works so well, eventually leading Sarah Jane and all the children to confront Kudlak and his onscreen Mistress.

Two problems:  the Mistress will not hear of there being a difference between kids playing war and kids actually fighting in wars, and she’s a computer program anyway.

Which would be about the time Luke reveals the truth:  the war ended ten years ago.  He found a recording of Kudlak’s emperor saying so.

Yeah, turns out a computer only programmed to run wars will not stop just because there’s a peace treaty.  Kudlak blows up the computer, and when he offers his own life to Sarah Jane (she refuses because she isn’t that type of person), he vows to find and return as many of his former recruits that survived until then, which is a decent thing to do.

Everyone goes home.  Luke asks Clyde about girls.  Clyde is at a loss for words.  I am really enjoying this show.