The Haunting Of Bly Manor “The Altar Of The Dead”

Wait a minute…did something actually happen on this show?

It occurred to me as I watched this episode that, for the most part, The Haunting of Bly Manor has been going more for atmosphere and less for, well, actual plot developments.  We’re at the halfway point or so here, and it still feels like the show where not much has actually happened.  I know a good amount about some of the characters, but we’re still getting backstory from the looks of things.

That said, this is backstory for a character I might not have expected one from, namely Hannah the housekeeper.

It’s an interestingly structured episode, and it reveals a few things–OK, more backstory, but the final reveal makes it feel different–but it seems to mostly be Hannah being very, very confused about why she keeps bouncing back and forth through time and space in the house, most notably when she interviews Owen for his job as the cook.

Owen seems to recognize he’s repeating the same scene over and over again, but he’s not the one stuck in anything as he’s just in her memories, but that doesn’t mean he can’t try to help her out.

Here’s what Hannah knows:  Peter is dead, killed by the faceless Lady in the Lake.  He’s a ghost, and he can possess Miles, hence the reason the kid sometimes smokes, wants alcohol, and swears a bit too much.  Rebecca is also a ghost there, but she says something about reliving happier memories than sadder ones.  So, ghosts live mostly in their memories.

And then the reveal that Miles, while possessed by Peter, shoved Hannah down a well and killed her.  That was just before Dani showed up, so Hannah has been a ghost the entire series.

You know, ghosts can’t leave the manor from the looks of things.  Hannah should probably cancel her plans to see Paris with Owen…

But still, something happened.  A woman got pushed down a well and died, and it is relevant to what’s happening in the here and now.  We learned a but more about Peter, why Miles is such a little snot, and a few other things.  And I only had to get to the halfway point to get there.

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