February 29, 2024

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Ozark “The Gold Coast”

Season Two Finale

Marty Byrde has been walking a fine line to get himself and his family out from under the Cartel’s thumb in one piece.  He came pretty close this time.

But this is only about the halfway point for the series, so that sure wasn’t happening.

Marty’s plan, such as it was, was to sneak himself and his family out of town just as soon as the casino was approved and skip down to Australia under a variety of assumed names and never go back.  Yes, there is the issue of Charlotte wanting to be emancipated, but for now, he’s not worried about that.  Given the nature of everything and everyone around them, Marty kept the escape plan hidden from everybody, including Wendy.  He just needs to tie up a few loose ends, and one of them is taken care of for him by someone else.

Granted, that would be because Cade got into an argument with Agent Petty and murdered an FBI agent.  That causes other problems, but Petty isn’t one of them.

Darlene says she’ll cause problems unless the casino is off or she gets a baby?  Marty gives her Zeke.  She says she delivered that child…and that’s wrong on many levels…but that happens mostly when she and her people kidnap Jonah and shave his head.


Look, I realize the nature of the threat is “I can get your kid at any time,” but the whole thing sounds silly regardless.

Point is, he mollified Darlene.  She can adopt the baby if Mason doesn’t come back to claim him in two years.

What about the Langmores?  Ruth seems firmly on Marty’s side by now, enough for Marty to show her the business and how it works.  Yes, she isn’t sure she can handle it, but that’s a level of honesty that she never showed before, and Ruth may actually be the most moral and upright of the Langmores anyway.  It certainly isn’t her dad, what with his demands of money from Ruth or else he’ll tell Wyatt who really killed his father (Ruth tells Wyatt himself, Wyatt leaves angry and confused, but that blackmail source is over) and when Cade threatens Charlotte, it’s Ruth who gets her out of there.

Ruth has come a long way as a character since she seemed to start as the most ruthless (no pun intended) of the Langmores, but she’s clearly just a more complex character, acting as much as a mother figure to Wyatt and even Charlotte as anything else.

Then Wendy arranges to give Cade some cash…only for a Cartel ambush to take him out because Wendy doesn’t play nice.

As for the Kansas City mob, sure they aren’t happy the job won’t be a union site anymore, but Marty promises to hire the union people anyway.

So, no more Cade, Petty, or Darlene problems.  The mob may be mollified.  The Cartel is happy.  Marty has everything set up and they’re ready to go.  What can go wrong?

Well…Wendy refuses to leave because she believes the Ozarks are the safest place for them, and the mob is most assuredly NOT happy given they blow up Marty’s office.  Mostly the Wendy thing, and if she won’t go, neither will the kids.  Marty is stuck here for a little while longer.

Though he does agree to sign Charlotte’s emancipation papers if she really wants that…

I guess the moral of the story is…always plan with your spouse.