January 29, 2022

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Gotham “Scarification”

Season Two, Episode Five

Every so often, I think to myself this show is as nuts as it is ever going to get.

And then they pull out the Merc.

The Merc is, well, K-Mart for heavy weapons for criminals in Gotham City.  The scene there even had an announcer asking for a price check on brass knuckles or some such.  Big box stores for napalm and armor-piercing bullets…that sure sounds like Gotham alright.

Problems erupts in the city when Barnes, Gordon, Bullock, and the Strike Force hit the Penguin’s cash house and find rocket propelled grenades.  Of course that means Bullock will bring up the Merc.  Meanwhile, Theo Galavan and his weird sister continue to blackmail the Penguin to do their dirty work for them.  Murder done, it’s time for a little arson, and as much as Oswold has people who can shank a dude easily enough, arson requires a bit more, especially when it comes to using a Wayne Enterprises’ executive’s eyeball to open a safe in one of the soon-to-be barbecued buildings.  Specialists means Cobblepot taps Butch to recruit the Pike Brothers, professional arsonists, and that means Butch has to ask Selina for a little help getting to them.

The Pikes have a sister there, adopted, and Selina would like to help her get out, but something goes a bit wrong.  The smallest Pike Brother was shopping at the Merc when the cops raided the place, and he had been attempted to shoplift some plastic explosives that went off when Gordon and Barnes shot him.  Now the Pikes need someone else to sneak in and set the fire…someone small…

Sister Bridgit is pretty small…

Turns out Bridgit, now finally treated as a member of the family, likes setting fires.  She isn’t too crazy about retrieving mystery items from the safe with a gorged eyeball, but she likes the rest, even designing a new suit for herself when Selina comes back to try and help her escape.  Bridgit likes what she does too much now.  This will not end well.

It probably won’t end well for a lot of people.  Penguin finds the mystery item, a knife, a bit intriguing, and Butch says that there’s an antiques dealer who knows everything.  Sure enough, she does.  Man, is there a story there involving the five families that controlled Gotham, like, a century earlier, and how one young woman ran off with a young man from the Dumas family, but they got caught, so the girl’s brother severed the boy’s hand with the knife, and the Dumas family left, got a religious order named for them, changed the family name to Galavan for everyone else, and, um…well, this could get ugly.

And not just because Bridgit got herself a flame thrower and killed a cop when they chased her.  Looks like an accident, but cops don’t go that route.

And not just because Penguin figures that he can get a man he can trust inside Galavan’s organization to find his missing mama, opting to go with Butch, the world’s friendliest gangster, and a man programmed to do everything the Penguin says to the point that Cobblepot severs Butch’s hand as well.

And not because Theo somehow managed to get a political endorsement from Gordon as head of the police union.

No, the bad part would be when some old monk comes to see Theo to see about getting revenge on that last family, the one that got the Dumas brood banished in the first place, so they’re going to have to kill…Bruce Wayne.

Cripes, what did that kid ever do to you dicks?

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