The Sarah Jane Adventures “Revenge Of The Slitheen Part 2”

Hold on…why do the Slitheen want revenge against Sarah Jane?  They’ve never even met her before.

Well, there is an explanation.

The Slitheen don’t want revenge against Sarah Jane.  That wouldn’t make a lick of sense.  No, they want revenge against the planet Earth because some of their family went there and never came back.  True, that was a certain Time Lord’s doing, but Sarah Jane doesn’t know that.  I do because I watched the parent show.  She doesn’t.  And this show did remember the Slitheen is a family name, not a species name.

No explanation on the change in their color…

Regardless, Sarah Jane may be new to these things, but she isn’t stupid.  Having the one chasing her brag about how good her sense of smell is tells Sarah Jane exactly how to escape using a bottle of perfume, and a call through to the kids helps them get away as well thanks to Clyde’s…was that some sort of body spray?

Regardless, there’s another kid in Sarah Jane’s secret attic, and Mr. Smith is doing the math work to first plot the locations of all the schools the Slitheen worked on, seeing a network setting up, but before the computer can tell the group what the Slitheen’s weakness is…it shuts down along with the power around the world in the first step in the Slitheen’s plan to destory the world and harvest the leftovers for profit as they were going to do before.

These guys suck.

However, Clyde proves his worth since the only thing Mr. Smith got out was the fact the Slitheen are  a calcium-based species.  He remembers one made him ditch his lunch, namely the chips soaked in vinegar and salt, and the Slitheen have no problem with salt.

Back to the school where the group tries to stop the doughy-looking aliens.  Maria hits the headmaster alien with her vinegar and causes him to explode.  Clyde is impressed.  Luke shows Sarah Jane where the computer is, but they get captured, as do the other two when they show up to help.  So, is this the end of the world?  If so, this series didn’t run very long.

Nope!  Luke made a math mistake when he gave them the equation needed to fix their world destroying machine.  Or so he says.  He really uses the sonic lipstick to turn the gizmo off, causing everything to explode.  Most of the Slitheen teleport to safety save the bratty juvenile one and his father, but Sarah Jane does manage to rescue the kid before everything explodes.

So, the day is saved, Maria’s mother makes it all about herself, and Clyde will continue to help out.  Sounds like a good deal to me.  The show needs a normal kid for all this to work.  Luke is a science experiment on his own, and Maria is basically a young Sarah Jane.  Clyde fills the “normal kid” slot rather nicely.

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