YouTube Selection: So, About That Snyder Cut…

Was there really that much demand for Zach Snyder’s version of Justice League?  Apparently.  I didn’t personally know anyone who wanted to see it, and I thought the final product was good enough, very much a Zach Snyder movie in many ways, and…that’s about it.  It is what it is.

But how did people more articulate than me explain it?

Just Write said the movie is basically just a Zach Snyder movie.  He has a bit more to say about Snyder’s affection for the work of Ayn Rand, of whom I am most emphatically not a fan, but Just Write says a lot of what I was thinking beyond that while not enjoying it as much as I did.

Meanwhile, Eyebrow Cinema on April 1st put up this appreciation for the movie we here at Gabbing Geek lovingly (?) refer to as Batsoup.

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