The Haunting Of Bly Manor “The Two Faces, Part One”

Despite the title, this episode is not the first in a two parter since the next episode has a completely different title.

This one seems to be more of a flashback.

See, Dani saw that weird guy in the windows who was kinda…transparent.  So did Miles, and Miles looked like he covered for the guy by fainting.  As such, the episode mostly deals with a series of flashbacks.  In the “present”…an odd thing to say about a story that was already being told in flashbacks at some wedding…we learn a bit about Dani’s predecessor.  That was one Rebecca Jessel.  She was hired by the children’s uncle and guardian, Henry Wingrave, to watch over the kids in much the same way he hired Dani in the first episode.

That said, the reason Dani, who had no experience as a nanny, even got the job was because, we were told, Rebecca died, possibly of a suicide, and no one else even wanted the job.  So, really, this could be an explanation for how Miss Jessel died.

Granted, she doesn’t get that far in this episode, but we do get some backstory.  Basically, she caught the eye of Henry’s assistant Peter, and Peter is the ghost Dani and Miles saw, but it sure seems as if no one knows he died.  There’s a general feeling that Peter is up to no good, the cops are called, and no one can find him.

You know, probably because he’s dead.

However, the flashbacks show a growing relationship between Peter and Rebecca, even stealing away into the forbidden wing, much to Hannah’s disapproval.  And I must say, the two actors playing Peter and Rebecca do have some really good and downright steamy chemistry.  So, really, this looks like…

Oh, wait, Peter has jealousy issues.

Yeah, I think I know where this relationship went hellishly wrong.

That said, it sure does look like Owen and Hannah are sweet on each other in the, um, present.  Oh, and Dani and Jamie the gardener…

Wait, a minute.

Mike Flanagan, did you add lesbians to an old ghost story again?

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but it does seem to be more of the stereotypical route to take when Flanagan could have just as easily added two gay men.  At least this time I don’t get the impression Flanagan did it to see his own actress wife make out with another woman.

Well, that’s the whole relationship thing for this episode.  One steamy one that turned bad.  One same-sex one being set up.  One more where both parties are in denial.

Oh, and Dani saw that ghost with the glowing glasses again.

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