July 13, 2024

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Torchwood “A Day In The Death”

Owen adjusts to not being alive anymore.

You know, for a trio of episodes that featured Martha Jones as a guest star, the focus sure does seem to be more on main cast character Owen.  Heck, Martha’s only real thing to do in this episode is stand on the sidelines and then say goodbye as she heads back to her regular life.

That is all I will say about Martha this time around.

Much of this episode is about Owen adjusting to basically being dead.  Is he going to be some kind of rebellious vigilante, drummed out of Torchwood and angry about the whole thing like the previous episode’s coming attractions suggested?  Nope!  He is temporarily removed from the team while Jack tries to figure out if whatever is keeping him sort-of-alive is actually dangerous, but that’s about all.  Owen then disposes of all the food and hygiene products in his house since he doesn’t need it anymore, but much of the episode is dedicated to Owen talking a young woman who just lost someone important to her from killing herself.

Sure, it involves telling her exactly what he is and what he does, but this show is a bit fast and loose over whether or not Torchwood is known to the general public or not anyway.

As it is, Owen has problems like when he doesn’t notice he’s injured his body–and his body won’t repair itself anyway–and trying to get it through to Tosh that he doesn’t see a future for them together because all Tosh stories are about her love life.  He doesn’t like that Jack suspended him from the team.  He can’t enjoy life like he used to.  But then a mission comes up where an old man, known to collect alien tech and basically harmless but behind a ton of security that includes body heat sensors, has turned something on that might be dangerous and Owen is the only one who can get in there to find out.

Getting past security involves more bluffing than anything else, but still in ways only Owen can pull off because he’s technically dead.  And the old man, who knows a lot about Torchwood and was hoping Tosh would be the one who came to see him, is scared of death and thinks some alien pulse will heal him.  It doesn’t, but when Owen turns it off, the old man has a heart attack and dies, and Owen can’t bring him back with CPR since he doesn’t have breath with artificial resuscitation.

Wait, if he’s not breathing, how is he talking?  That requires breath too.

Anyway, it turned out the pulse was harmless.  It was just an alien beacon to say hello.  But it is pretty, and Owen does talk the young woman out of jumping, so he’s still useful for however long he has left.  Not a bad episode.

A total waste of Martha, but this has been something of an upswing for Torchwood of late anyway.