July 22, 2024

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Torchwood “Dead Man Walking”

Jack goes to desperate measures to keep Owen alive a little longer...and things go bad from there.

OK, so, up until now, I’ve found Torchwood to be a decent show, but nothing to get really excited about.

Then this episode came along and showed a bit more potential than anything it’s done so far.

Here’s the situation:  Owen is dead, but Jack decides he needs something and asks Martha (still hanging around) to hold off on the autopsy until he gets back.  Now, Jack didn’t go to this much trouble when Susie died, but Susie was kinda evil, so that’s different.  Jack has a different idea, so he goes into an abandoned church that has become a Weevil colony and retrieves another one of those resurrection gloves.

Gloves do come in pairs.

The idea is to give the members of the team (mostly Tosh, truth be told) a chance to say goodbye to Owen and maybe get the combination to the alien morgue since apparently only Owen had it.

That isn’t very smart.

Small problem:  Owen doesn’t go back to being dead after the standard two minutes, and nobody knows why.  Nobody notices that glove moving on its own either.  Now, Owen isn’t as alive as he used to be.  His brain is working, and that’s about it.  No heart rate, no blood pressure, no…a whole lot of things, so he can’t do the things he likes to do (eat, drink, sleep, shag), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other problems.

Like how his body is becoming something else.  Apparently, there was an old legend involving “Death” coming out of that church, killing 12 people, but stopped by the 13th through faith.  Otherwise, bad things would have happened.

Owen figures the only way to stop him from transforming 100% into some hungry thing that isn’t human–because of course it was an alien and not the Grim Reaper–is to inject himself with formaldehyde and stop his brain.  But that glove attacks the others and prevents it from happening.  Martha gets aged up, Jack dies and gets better, and everyone takes Martha to the hospital.

Did I mention Weevils follow Owen around now?

See, there was a mistranslation.  The 13th wouldbe victim in ancient times didn’t stop Death with faith.  She was a young girl named “Faith,” and Owen figured out that she was dead already, so Alien Death Cloud couldn’t take her.  As such, he manages to wrestle the alien away, restoring Martha, and saving everyone else…you know, except for the first 12 people Alien Death Cloud got to first.

Anyway, here’s the interesting development:  Owen is still not-quite-dead.  His time is limited (but not eternal so no one knows when he’ll be dead-dead), and he wants to make up for the 12 people who died before he finally does.  And if the next episode preview is anything to go by…it won’t be by simply continuing to do his normal job.

This could get interesting.