Weekend Trek “The Hunted”

The crew of the starship Enterprise are supposed to be smart and capable professionals.  So, what happens when they meet someone who is actually better at what they do than they are?  That’s what happens when there’s a manhunt on the ship.  Jimmy and Tom had some thoughts.

“The Hunted”

The Enterprise crew capture an escapee from another world’s prison planet…but what crime did he even commit?

jimmy:  It appears Zefram Cochrane has discovered the fountain of youth.

tomk:  That guy never did know how to take care of veterans.

jimmy:  Step one, don’t alter their DNA.

tomk:  Well, duh.

jimmy:  After that, listen to what they want instead of imprisoning them?

tomk:  That’s usually better than waiting for an ambush when some guy even shimmies down a pre-planted rope.

jimmy:  Or can escape a transporter beam. How is that even possible?

tomk:  Um, he learned it in JLU?

jimmy:  Same way he learned not to show up on the sensors, I guess.

tomk:  He’s just that good.

jimmy:  Indeed. He outsmarted Data. And the Enterprise to the shock of Picard.

tomk:  And gave Worf a good fight when the Klingon was the only one to see through a trick.

jimmy:  Worf is definitely the unsung hero of this series thus far.

tomk:  Data should have figured that out.

jimmy:  Data’s not the brightest android in the shed sometimes.

tomk:  This guy was trained to trick computers.

jimmy:  And tease ship’s counselors.

tomk:  Troi proved questionably useful again.

jimmy:  Questionably.

tomk:  Picard trusts his officers.

jimmy:  As he should.

tomk:  As long as they don’t gain Q powers, they seem very dependable.

jimmy:  I’m not sure this is the place for much of a discussion yet, but I’ll just plant the seed. I saw a “recent” interview with Wil Wheaton who said that they gave him nothing to do in season 3 and was one of his big reasons for leaving. Since seeing that I’ve been paying attention to his screen time. When was the last time Wesley was heavily involved in a storyline?  It’s been awhile.

tomk:  I saw something for season three that suggested the show was jerking him around. When filming for season three started, he was making a movie. Wesley wasn’t really in the first episode they were making, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. These things happen. Then the producers changed the schedule explicitly to force him to come back early.

jimmy:  We can get into this more later, but he was also a punk 17 year old.  He did say in the interview I saw that he regretted leaving the show.

tomk:  Yes, well, we all do dumb stuff at 17. I don’t know what Denise Crosby’s excuse was.

Wait, yes I do...

jimmy:  Ironically, because they gave Wesley too much to do.

tomk:  The show was trying to control the career of an up-and-coming actor, but you know what he should have done?  Set up distractions around the ship to escape a manhunt.

jimmy:  Odd he didn’t have an experiment for school that he just happened to be working on that week that would have helped with that.

tomk:  If he had, the episode would have been shorter.

jimmy:  Maybe that’s why they stopped giving Wesley stuff to do. Episodes were getting too short.

tomk:  WORF:  Sir, a fugitive with supreme tactical knowledge is loose in Engineering.
WESLEY:  I hope he doesn’t mess with my experimental robo-pit bull.
CRUSHER:  I have a severely mauled fugitive with what looks like a robotic dog clamped to his crotch in SickBay.
DATA:  This is why I have a cat.

jimmy:  PRODUCERS: Ok, we need to pad this out with a Riker or Troi love story. Whose turn is it?

tomk:  GOPHER:  It’s Geordi’s turn, sir.

jimmy:  PRODUCERS: Geordi eh?  That might be just crazy enough to work!

tomk:  We’re probably lucky Troi didn’t try to kiss the guy this time.

jimmy:  I’m sure she wanted to. With his rugged good looks and sensor avoidance.

tomk:  Plus, his Robocop 2 IMDB credit.

jimmy:  Especially because of his RC2 credit.

tomk:  The other option was a pig farmer.

jimmy:  I guess we’ll find out later in the season if the Cromwellians managed to put aside their differences and join the Federation.

tomk:  Obviously.  All they gotta do is, uh, treat their veterans better.  There’s probably an analogy there for America.

jimmy:  Probably.

And then Jean Claude Van Damme beat Dolph Lundgren. The end. Wait that’s a different set of superhuman agents.

tomk:  Too bad.  Those guys brawling through the Enterprise would make an awesome, if thin-on-plot, episode.

Instead, we got an episode that isn’t really focused on any one member of the crew.  More like it was based roughly around different cast members reacted to this guy and why he was in a prison of some kind.  It makes for an exciting episode, but not one that offers much insight to any particular member of the crew.

jimmy:  Agreed. It doesn’t seem like it has left many lasting impressions to chat about.

tomk:  Shall we move on to, say, a Dr. Crusher episode?

jimmy:  Crusher, eh?  Doctor, eh?  Beverly, eh?

tomk:  Is that a yes?

jimmy:  I guess it is. Hopefully they give poor Wesley something to do.

tomk:  I think that’s a good bet.

jimmy:  Then…engage!

Next:  “The High Ground”

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