Comic Review: Sex Criminals Volume 3

You know, I was pretty sure I hadn’t touched a trade of Sex Criminals, a series I dare not do write-ups for on my work computer, much longer ago than the others, but once again, my last review for this series came in 2018.  True, it was January of 2018, but the point stands.  Maybe the last of this string of reviews was for a series I looked over in some year other than 2018.

Regardless, I did finally get to the weird and quirky Sex Criminals‘s third volume, subtitled Three the Hard Way.  Is it still weird and quirky in a good way?

Jon and Suize can stop time when they have orgasms.  The pair found each other and soon discovered that sex is really special for them.  They also take up robbing banks for very different reasons.  Suzie is trying to save the library she works for.  Jon just likes the thrill of it and wants to hit back at society for vague reasons.  Such activities get them noticed by the threesome that call themselves the Sex Police, and they…aren’t much fun I suppose would be the best way to describe them.  They have similar powers, but also more skills, so if Jon and Suzie want these three to leave them alone, they’ll need to find more people like themselves.  Jon’s boss, a sex positive college professor who can do some kind of astral projection when she climaxes.  She, however, takes issue with the whole bank robbery thing as many would.

As it is, there are others out there with weird abilities related to sex, but Jon and Suzie aren’t really good at approaching people.

Meanwhile, the Sex Police are trying to find out where our heroes actually live.  Perhaps the best issue in this reprint is an origin story for one of the Sex Police, an asexual.  How does someone with no actual interest in sex activate sex-based powers?  The answer is interesting.

However, this is still mostly a humor series, and it’s still rather funny.  Writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky even manage to cameo as themselves in a scene where Fraction despairs on writing what he feels like a cliched but necessary scene, and Zdarksy tries to talk him through it while saying, among other things, how he mostly draws comics to get money for cocaine.

This is that kind of series.

Frankly, I love this sort of thing.  The stakes are, all things being equal, rather small scale, where different people use sex to commit different kinds of crimes that are, well, not connected to sex in any way.  Even the Sex Police, self-appointed moral guardians for their kind, aren’t above unethical behavior to enforce their rules.  It’s the kind of thing that, quite frankly, makes me wonder why I waited to get back to this one, but that seems to be the pattern for this whole week.

9 out of 10 astral pink hentai girls.

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