August 14, 2022

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Gotham “Knock, Knock”

Season Two, Episode Two.

So…looks like Gotham is the kind of city where no one really blinks if the mayor disappears.

I am not surprised.  I was mostly hoping that Barbara wasn’t going to be another Deb.

Allow me to explain:  “Deb” is the title character’s sister from the TV series Dexter.  Now, my ex-wife and I binged our way through the first four or five seasons of that show all at once (pro tip:  quit after season four if you start at all), and towards the end of the series’s run, we were told repeatedly, often by Dexter himself, that his sister Deb was a “great detective”.  Setting aside that she, like everyone else, failed to notice Dexter was a serial killer, there was one thing that bugged me every single time the show tried to make Deb out to be a great detective, either with a character saying so or showing her having some kind of breakthrough:  the only reason Deb was a detective at all was back in season one, Dexter was feeding her tips.  I could never wrap my brain around the idea that she was a great detective if she was only a detective because someone was giving her all her tips and clues.  Really, Dexter was the great detective, and Deb was a cover.  Then without any real build-up, she was a great detective for some reason.

So…is Gotham going to suggest Barbara is a criminal mastermind?

So far…no.  Barbara did kill her parents, but that came largely from an attack of opportunity more than it was she plotted out some brilliant attack.  However, since Theo Galavan went to all that effort to bust out about a half dozen Arkham crazies, for reasons that are still unknown, the show is so far resisting the effort to make Barbara out to be some sort of brilliant criminal.

No, the brilliant criminal in the group is clearly Jerome.  Or Theo, the guy who kidnapped the mayor between episodes.  The guy who sends out his released inmates as the “Maniax!” twisted fiends who drop kidnapped dock workers off a the roof of the Gotham Gazette building without anyone catching up to them, or later to try to burn up a school bus full of high school cheerleaders.

Plus, he has his sister Tabitha there to pick off captured Maniax with a sniper rifle before they can talk.

And yet, all this was not the big announcement Theo proposed as he lets his monsters loose in the city for…some reason.  No, the big announcement was sending the Maniax, disguised as cops, to shoot up the police precinct house.  Lots of cops die, but not Gordon because he got lured outside by Barbara for…some reason.

Oh, as for other name characters, Lee hid, and Eddie pushed Ms. Kringle to the floor as the bullets started flying.  No, the only name character to die is newly promoted Police Commissioner Essen, a character I should have known was doomed because she talked earlier in the episode about how hopeful she finally was.

However, massacring a bunch of cops is enough to bring Bullock back despite his fiancee’s insistence.  That said, I gotta really question Theo’s plan.  Between Tabitha and Jerome, he’s down two Maniax and he didn’t have many to begin with.

Oh, and Bruce and Alfred made a deal to work together to get justice, with Bruce dedicated to the path as long as Alfred approves of how to get there.

But still…why Barbara?  Please don’t say it’s because she’s a criminal mastermind…

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