July 21, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #318: Wiccan

The Vision and the Scarlet Witch had twin boys for a period before their souls were reclaimed by demonic magic, forever lost. Or were they...?

The Disney+ series WandaVision has been intriguing many MCU fans…well, most.  The Gabbing Geek crew has a few who are enjoying it a bit less than others.  However, a conversation there showed at least one Geek didn’t know what happened to the comic book incarnation of Wanda and the Vision’s twin sons Billy and Tommy after their souls were reabsorbed by a demonic sorcerer.

See, they did come back, more or less.  Let’s start with Billy because, as near as I can make out, he got a bit more page time.

2005 was not a good year for Marvel’s comic book Avengers.  The Scarlet Witch went a wee bit insane, causing the death of a few (who all seemed to get better), the disbanding of the longtime team, and the eventual reformation for the start of Brian Michael Bendis’s own Avengers run.  At around the same time, writer Allan Heinberg started a new series called Young Avengers which initially featured a team that looked like teenage versions of the Avengers original line-up, more or less.  They went by the names Iron Lad, Hulkling, Asgardian, and Patriot.

On their first mission, they screwed up so badly that they the wedding ceremony they were trying to save ended when one of the bridesmaids, a young woman named Kate Bishop, ended up jumping in and doing more to save the day than anyone else.

Yes, she joined the team under the name “Hawkeye” since it was, at the time, available for use.

Now, as it turned out, none of the initial four male members were being completely honest about what they were or how their powers worked.  Iron Lad’s advanced suit was no from Stark Industries thing, but he was actually a teenage version of Kang the Conqueror looking to stop his older self.  Patriot claimed he got his powers from a blood transfusion from his grandpa Isaiah Bradley.  That was not entirely accurate as he was Isaiah’s grandson but had never received the transfusion and was gaining some standard superpowers from the use of Mutant Growth Hormone.  Hulkling could turn green and change shape, but he had nothing to do with gamma radiation and his story is too good to spill in brief here.

And Asgardian didn’t have anything to do with Asgard.  He had some, at the time, vaguely defined magical powers, and that was about it.

At first.

Asgardian’s real name was William “Billy” Kaplan.  And as he worked more on his abilities, he saw that, well, calling himself “Asgardian” just to fit into the whole “teenage Avengers” thing didn’t quite work, so he eventually changed his name to “Wiccan”.  Oh, and he and Hulking, AKA Teddy, were a couple.

Now, Iron Lad wasn’t done recruiting, and eventually the team recruited a fellow named Tommy Shepherd.  Tommy had superspeed and went by…Speed.  How original.  But it was starting to become obvious that there was something going on by now, and while it was never quite explained, Billy theorized that he and Tommy were the reincarnated versions of William and Thomas Maximoff.  That and a brief childhood encounter with Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff more or less set Billy on the path he was on.

See, Billy had some magical powers, enough that visions of the future showed him as a potential Sorcerer Supreme.  After the Young Avengers broke up, following a successful rehabilitation of the Scarlet Witch, Billy, sometimes with Teddy, bounced around to various other teams including a “Strikeforce” group working out of Asgard, a “New Avengers” team, and even the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Oh, and he and Teddy got married.

Possibly twice.

So, really, a good story for a character that gets around a heck of a lot more than his sorta-brother Speed.

So, with WandaVision being the success that it is, and people taking note the Halloween-themed episode showed the adults wearing representations of their costumes, it might have gone a little unnoticed that the children were as well.


So, that’s Billy.  And you know what that means…I’ll need to write up Tommy for next time.