March 2, 2024

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Ozark “Game Day”

Season Two, Episode Five

I have noted in the past for this show that Wendy and Marty have enemies on all sides, and while the FBI is closing in (and Agent Petty sure as hell doesn’t care what happens to any of these people he’s squeezing to become witnesses), it might be a good time to access no one is this more rural town has any idea what the Cartel or the feds are like and keep making assumptions.

Likewise, no one seems to know who to trust.

Part of that comes from the feds finding some money, namely money Charlotte took from the Cartel.  It’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the Cartel isn’t really the forgiving type.  Heck, Jonah took some as well, but we see that mostly as a way for the FBI to try and create dissent between, well, everybody.

That means threatening Charlotte and Jonah’s freedom to Marty.

That means telling Marty Ruth tried to kill him.

That means Helen, the Cartel lawyer, demanding answers.

That means Helen doesn’t believe Marty when he says he trusts Ruth because he paused for a second or two before answering.  Yes, he was considering the question.  Yes, he said he trusted her.  But since Petty spoke to Ruth in full view of Cartel agents, well, he did that to sow more distrust.

Heck, he even tells Marty Wendy cheated on him and Wendy that Marty saved the evidence on his computer.  Granted, Marty knew that much, and Wendy is more disgusted he saved the video than anything else.

There’s just not a lot of trust going on between these various criminal types.

Factor in then that the Snells, warned both by the sheriff and the Cartel that the feds are coming and they need to destroy their poppy plants before that happens, and once again, the locals get stubborn.

Cade believes he can protect his daughter from the Cartel if they show up.  He’s wrong.  Ruth gets waterboarded, but cleared of all suspicion.

Ruth will not be pleased by that.

And the Snells think they can hold off the feds the way they have local law enforcement for years.

They can’t but don’t believe that.

Fortunately, there is one person the Byrdes can trust:  their downstairs tenant Buddy.  He actually sneaks onto the Snells’ land and burns the plants himself.  He got Wendy to act as cover, but it was his idea and he was more than willing to do it.

Too bad he seems to be dying really fast now.  I guess the Byrdes have no one else to trust now.  Bad for them…good for the viewer.  If everyone got along on a show like this, it probably wouldn’t be much of a crime drama.