November 29, 2021

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Doctor Who “Utopia”

The Doctor finds someone he really wasn't expecting at the end of the universe.

Well, the Doctor found someone he probably wishes he didn’t.  And I don’t mean Captain Jack Harkness.  Though it was nice to see John Barrowman has his name in the opening credits now.

See, the Doctor stopped off at Cardiff for a fill-up at the Rift, and that was where Captain Jack ran off to at the end of the first series of Torchwood.  The Doctor, as we have seen, is a kind and compassionate soul who should be very happy to see his old friend and…nope, he starts up the TARDIS and tries to get the heck out of there without explaining anything to Martha.  However, Captain Jack has grabbed ahold by then and that throws the TARDIS off-course by then, landing at the end of the universe, a place no Time Lord has ever been before.

Oh, humanity is still there.  There’s the Futurekind, people with sharp teeth that seem to want to eat other people, and the rest, building a rocket to Utopia where there might be something left.  The rocket project is being overseen by one Professor Yana, a scientist played by Derek Jacobi.  Now, as an actor, I like Jacobi quite a bit.  I just don’t care for his personal opinions on who wrote Shakespeare’s plays, but that isn’t relevant here unless I say something like I just did.

Yana also has an assistant, an alien bug woman who is the last of her kind.  Once the Doctor and company get inside the base, after Jack revives from dying again, he and the Doctor do seem to hit it off a bit, but there’s some more talk of Rose, upsetting Martha, and that’s a whole other issues because it turns out the Doctor left Jack behind on purpose.  Apparently, when Rose went into God-Mode, she filled Jack up with so much time energy that he can’t die, the Doctor recognized that right away, and he knew that was…wrong and got the hell out of there because Jack’s very presence now freaks him out.  Jack used his own time machine to go to the past, landed about a century off before his devise lost power, and then waited for everything to catch up, realizing at some point he was immortal and eventually joining Torchwood.

That explains a few things.  He doesn’t seem too bitter about it, and the whole “he can’t die” thing comes in handy in getting that rocket off.

But then there’s Yana.  His assistant is smitten with him so she and Martha bond a bit, but Martha explains a few things like what the TARDIS is, who the Doctor is, and the like, and talk between Jack and the Doctor makes Yana…confused.  Not in the way it doesn’t make sense out of context or anything.  Just like he should know what that stuff means.  And he has a broken watch that Martha recognizes instantly as another chameleon gadget, just like the one the Doctor used to become human for a while.

So…Yana might be a Time Lord.  The Face of Boe warned the Doctor as much, saying “You are not alone.”

Or…Y(ou) A(re) N(ot) A(lone).

Well, that can only be good for the Doctor if there’s another Time Lord around.  I mean, he didn’t destroy all of them in an as-yet undetailed story.    Why then is he not happier about this?

Wait, there was one Time Lord who always survived stuff he shouldn’t have.  That guy was never good news, and it turns out he isn’t when he pops the watch’s cover and remembers who he is.  His first act is to shoot his assistant because he’s kind of disgusted by the bug woman.  She does manage to shoot him back, but he also lets the Futurekind inside before locking himself inside the TARDIS.  The rocket has already blasted off with the rest of humanity, but the Futurekind are not exactly friendly to anyone.  What’s this other guy’s deal?

Oh yeah.  Yana was the Master.

And he just regenerated into someone younger, with a voice Martha says sounds familiar.  But by then, he left in the TARDIS, stranding Jack, Martha, and the Doctor behind as the Futurekind are about to break in and , I dunno, eat them or something.

How did the Master survive the Time War?  Well, it doesn’t matter since that is basically what the guy does all the time anyway.  And now he’s out there again…

Well, the Doctor better hope the Futurekind are friendlier than they look at this rate.

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