April 18, 2024

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Lovecraft Country “I Am”

Season One, Episode Seven.

OK, you know what?  This one was nice.

Like the novel the show is based on, while much of the focus aims at Tic and Leti, it is also about shining the spotlight on various other characters for an episode each or so.  This time around, we have George’s widow Hippolyta, a woman who had asperations for astronomy and exploration but ended up as a housewife and assistant to her pulp fiction-loving and traveling guide-writing husband George.  We only really got a brief glimpse of Hippolyta’s ambitions in previous episodes as the show has largely focused on other characters thus far.

Granted, there’s more here along those lines too as we check in with Ruby, Montrose, Leti, Tic, and Christina.  Christina wants her father’s orrey, but Hippolyta found it first and went looking around.  It turns out that the Winthrop observatory had, well, a time machine.  And while Tic arrives to defend his aunt from a pair of cops looking to do her harm, the machine turns on and both Hippolyta and Tic fly through to different locations.  Then again, so does one of the cops, so that’s something that happens.

We don’t really see where Tic goes, only that he comes back with a novel called…Lovecraft Country.  That’s the sort of thing that may or may not be convenient later.  But he has so we’ll leave it at that.

As for Hippolyta…it looks like she goes to the future or to another planet where she’s captured by robots, and one shows up later looking like a black woman with a very large Afro that only speaks cryptically about how Hippolyta isn’t in prison as Hippolyta assumes.

The Afrofuturistic woman says only that her name is “I am.”  She also says Hippolyta can be that too.  And after Hippolyta does a very thorough scientific investigation of the room, particularly with the glowing bits in her wrists, she is told she can go anywhere she wants, and she says a bit skeptically that she wants to dance on stage with Josephine Baker in Paris.

And then she’s part of the chorus of women dancing with Josephine Baker in 1920s Paris.

Granted, one of the nice touches here is Hippolyta does not know this dance routine as all the other women assume she should, but then she meets Baker, who is totally cool and all, and over time, Hippolyta becomes a better dancer and gains some confidence.  Then she says she is Hippolyta and becomes an Amazon warrior.  Her fighting skills are on par with her original dancing skills, but again she learns, and then she wants to be George’s wife again.

And there’s George, a man who feels bad when she explains that she really made herself small to be his wife and never got to do the grand exploration she wanted to.  He apologizes.  That’s another nice touch.

And then they explore space in a manner not dissimilar to their daughter Diana’s hand-drawn comic books.

See, it turns out the woman I Am was telling the truth, and now that she’s being a bit more human and saying a bit more, basically explains that Hippolyta has this ability now, does not need to wrist implants, and can be whatever she wants to be.  And Hippolyta wants to be an explorer.  For a show like Lovecraft Country, that is incredibly sweet.

I am sure the next episode will be much more horrifying to make up for all that.