March 30, 2023

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Gotham “Under The Knife”

Season One, Episode Twenty.

This Ogre guy, he’s not a good guy.  Then again, his name is “the Ogre,” so what do you expect?

Yes, the Ogre, a serial killer with a habit of taking down loved ones for any cop looking for him, hence the reason no one has ever caught him or even told the press.  But Jim Gordon, crusader for justice and all that, will do what it takes by telling the press, reviewing the files, and even getting a name for the suspect.

It’s actually somewhat cool and convoluted as Gordon and Bullock backtrack to the first victim, a receptionist or nurse for a plastic surgeon.  There’s some more clues that lead to the corpse of an old dead woman, a rich old lady who never accepted the Orge was her son because he was a horribly disfigured and that drove him mad.

Also, his father was the butler.

So, Ogre goes to the plastic surgeon, becomes a handsome type of dude, takes one of the women working there out, and well…

Maternal rejection hurts.

And apparently none of the women that came along later met the standards of his mother, so…

Now, Lee should be in danger, but even as the Ogre called Gordon to taunt him over the phone, it does come out the guy was taking information showing Gordon out…with Barbara.

Uh oh.

As it is, Bruce and Selina are doing some infiltration at a big charity event in plain sight where, again, Selina’s skills at theft come in handy for making key copies, and the Penguin has some mother issues, but since Barbara was at the same charity event as Selina (but not Oswold, he was somewhere else), well, she can identify the sketch that Jim brings by.

See, the Ogre took Barbara back to his S&M torture room…

Be a hell of a thing if Barbara was into that sort of thing.

Oh, and Nygma killed a guy.  Yes, he was an abusive boyfriend to Ms. Kringle, but gee, that was awfully psychotic and spooky until you remember he’s the goddam Riddler.

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