December 6, 2023

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Vikings “The Raft Of Medusa”

Season Six, Episode Seventeen

Wait, the “Raft of Medusa”?  How did Greek myth get involved in all of this?  I’m not even sure what the title means.  Is it about Ubbe’s boat?  One of the boats Harald builds?

Wait, we’re going back to Wessex.  I forgot.

Oh God, I had forgotten how drawn out and dull Wessex was.  So much time spent on the politics there when the show was called Vikings and these people weren’t vikings.  Yes, I will be the first to admit the actor playing King Ecbert was rather charismatic and brought something to the screen, but that didn’t mean the plots in Wessex were all that interesting.

Well, at least the plot this time was shorter and to the point.  We’re back with King Alfred, and he still looks like a skinny dork of a man.  Speaking as someone who was himself a skinny dork of a man for a while there, I can sympathize.  What he doesn’t look like is a powerful king.  This is the guy the vikings just gotta beat?

As it is, he knows he’s not ready to fight the vikings in their many ships.  That means a retreat, and that means Alfred’s wife thinks he looks weak when Alfred thinks its better to let people survive than buildings, particularly himself.  He’s not entirely wrong, but neither is she.

Of course, there are problems in the viking ranks that includes Ivar plotting against Harald and Harald, um, being Harald.  That said, Ivar has a valley picked out, and he almost didn’t make it to the battle coming up in a couple episodes when his scouting group was ambushed by English soldiers that actually looked like they were winning…you know, until Hvitserk showed up.  I mean, Ivar can’t die if at all until the final episode, but there you have it.

You know, I could have sworn Ubbe taught Alfred how to fight like a viking…

Regardless, other things do happen.  Erik thinks he and Ingrid can rule Kattegat just fine, but Ingrid is a witch and she may have have made Erik blind…wait, didn’t Ingrid say she was basically powerless to Gunnhild and that’s why she was marrying Harald in the first place?  I am confused.

Oh, and Ubbe and his people found land before they died, so that’s a good thing.  Is this the “golden land”?  Or, like, America?

Still not sure where Medusa is…or her freakin’ boat…