December 5, 2021

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Torchwood “Combat”

Someone is kidnapping Weevils, and people are turning up dead.

You know, some scholars might want to take a look at the preview scenes for new episodes of TV shows.  The preview for this one showed Gwen confessing to Rhys she cheated on him with Owen, Rhys getting really mad, and Owen getting into a barfight, possibly with Rhys.

All those things happened, but not in the way anything suggested it would.

See, Gwen does tell Rhys…after she drugs him.

Rhys does get mad…after Gwen gets called away to work during date night, and he’s been increasingly frustrated that she’s never home and can’t really say what she’s been doing.

And Owen does get into a barfight…with some other guys.  Rhys isn’t there.

Instead, we have Jack out trying to catch a Weevil.  His anti-Weevil spray isn’t working, but just as he’s about to maybe nab the thing, with assistance from Gwen since he called her away on date night, a bunch of guys jump out of a white van, grab the Weevil themselves, and drive off.  And then it comes out that there are cases of Weevil attacks, with one death, happening all over Cardiff.  This is suspicious since it looks like someone is using Weevils as their own personal hit squad.  That will require someone to go under cover.  The guys in the van saw Jack and Gwen.  Tosh was seen asking questions at the hospital.  Ianto can’t because…I probably missed something.  But Owen can, in part because he didn’t come in when Jack called everyone and he’s being punished.

Also, Gwen breaks it off with him after finding out what happened with Diane, something Owen never mentioned before and Gwen was apparently the only one who didn’t know.

She’s not that observant for a cop, is she?

Regardless, I think I’ll just cut to the chase here.  Owen poses as a guy looking to invest in local real estate because the survivors all seem like upper class types with the right connections, and to cut to the chase…a bunch of well-off businessmen are, essentially, running an underground Fight Club type of thing where they see who can stay in an arena longest with a Weevil.  Other Weevils are used for heavybags.  They need to prove they’re brave and manly and stuff like that.  Also, there’s money involved.

I just think they’re a bunch of wankers.

Now, Owen does get tossed into the arena, and he does manage to not show fear and keep the Weevil at bay until Jack and the other burst in, and the head guy tries to do the same only for the Weevil to eat him or something.  Silly wankers…

You know, having Jack get vague threats from some unseen presence on the phone, the wanker from above, seems a lot more pathetic when we find out who they are what they’re doing.  The whole thing was rather sad, with a highlight maybe being Tosh tsking Jack for using one of their captured Weevils for bait.   I get the impression Tosh’s job right now is to let Jack bounce thoughts off her in the Hub since this is the second episode in a row that happened in. Then again…what exactly is Torchwood doing with those things in the first place?  And aren’t there better ways to show bravery than punching a Weevil in the face?

Oh, and the only reason Jack and the others found Owen in time was because the people running this thing didn’t think to take the dead guy’s phone number off their text messages, and Gwen was there to pick up the phone despite being more or less ordered by Jack to do something about her relationship with Rhys.  Those Fight Club guys sure were dumb in the end…

So, yeah, Fight Club with aliens, only Fight Club did a better job of showing the men in the Fight Club were really just directionless man-children who didn’t understand that the ability to win a fight didn’t make them any more or less manly.  Torchwood tries to do that and doesn’t quite get there, ending with Owen somehow intimidating the captured Weevils in the Hub’s basement.

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