March 3, 2024

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Gotham “Beasts Of Prey”

Season One, Episode Nineteen.

Wait, is that…Milo Ventimiglia?  From Heroes?  And, apparently, This Is Us?  I’ve never actually seen This Is Us, but I saw a clip in the form of a YouTube ad that looked rather mawkish and had the phrase “massive air hugs” and I decided I have made the right decision and will continue to not watch it.  I don’t care how generally awesome Sterling K. Brown is.

What does all that have to do with Gotham?  Oh yeah.  He’s playing a serial killer called the Ogre.

Yes, the Ogre!  A serial killer who was never caught!  He takes women away, tortures them for a period, and then leaves a slashed up corpse behind somewhere for the cops to find!  What a vicious sociopath!

Not like the usual viscous sociopaths that appear on Gotham.  Like, there’s a Penguin plot here that involves a musician getting his fingers cut off, and Bruce gets some help from Selina and her stunt double (there’s no way that is the show’s actress flipping down off a fire escape in that alleyway) to find the guy that stabbed Alfred.  The latter plot ends with Bruce’s deciding not to kick the guy out a tall window to his death, but Selina, well, she’s another story.

See?  Normal sociopaths.

Now, all that said, there’s still the matter of the Ogre.  A young unformed cop, claiming he was inspired by Gordon, asks the detective to look into a cold case because Gordon gets results.  Jim being Jim looks at the file, shows it to Lee, and convinces Harvey to help.

Lee?  She’s excited to bring a bad guy down.

Harvey?  He’s suspicious.

He should be.  Turns out there’s a reason the Ogre was never caught.  It isn’t because he’s some brilliant criminal mastermind.    Well, he probably is by Gotham standards.  I mean, that Red Hood gang wasn’t exactly a batch of Mensa members.

No, see, every time some detective goes looking for the Ogre, the Ogre finds and kills one of said detective’s loved ones.  Right now, that looks like Lee.  Gordon didn’t know that part, but Harvey remembered it when he got a closer look at the files.  Apparently, the young cop who looked up to Gordon as a guy who gets things done, well, he still might, but he also got a tip from Commissioner Loeb to get Gordon that case, with Loeb knowing full well that would put Lee in danger.

So, while Gordon will go looking into the case, he isn’t exactly happy with Loeb right now either.  Then again, he wasn’t before.  Now it’s just personal.

Hey, maybe the Ogre will take out Loeb and do everyone a favor!

But then who would Gordon show righteous anger towards?  Besides everybody else?

Oh, and meanwhile, Fish figured out how to get off that island by recruiting two groups of prisoners.  One is a bunch of angry muscle types who can go for the boats.  The rest can go with Fish for the helicopter.  The first group can distract the guards.  The second group can beat the snot out of the Dollmaker.  And the second group will escape with Fish taking a bullet to the side.  But that’s the Fish subplot.  It’s supposed to be crazy.