July 20, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #314: Mr. Fish

See, there's this guy who looks like a fish and he doesn't battle Aquaman or Namor...

After having a couple weeks’ worth of back-up articles in this feature, I found myself running out because whatever life events I foresaw as a reason to stockpile Misplaced Character Case Files must have come and gone, and now I needed a new one.  As sometimes happens, no character jumped immediately to mind, then I saw a passing reference to a villain named Mr. Fish.

Did this guy fight Aquaman or Namor?  No!  That would make sense.  He tangled with Luke Cage.

This guy is a Luke Cage villain.

Mr. Fish was a petty crook named Mortimer Norris.  Following an exposure to radioactive substances on a job, Norris fell into the East River and transformed into an amphibious fish-man.  Taking the name Mr. Fish, he started his own branch of the Maggia and became a crime lord in his neighborhood until Luke Cage showed up and smacked him around a bit.  The fight ended when Fish, having enhanced strength, rushed at Cage with a steel girder.  Cage dodged the attack, but the problem there was Fish and Cage were fighting on a rooftop, and Fish went over the side, presumably dying in the process.

Granted, this is comics, and Mr. Fish came back, but there’s something comical about the character’s Wikipedia entry where, under powers, it simply says he has “enhanced strength, a fish-like appearance, and a gun.”  That “and a gun” part amuses me.  Heck, most of the pics I found with him showed him holding a gun.

See?  Sometimes he even carries a second.

As it is, Fish didn’t die then and there.  He came back at one point to have a conference with Spider-Man foe Tombstone, only for Runaway-gone-bad Alex Wilder to send him literally to Hell (Tombstone got him out again later).  And if that wasn’t silly enough, Mortimer had a brother named Bill who also somehow got turned into a half-human half-fish criminal that fought the Heroes for Hire but not Namor.  If anything, it just seems odd that he’s little more than a gang leader who looks like a fish.

Then again, we are talking comics here.  Creativity trumps logic in those things on a routine basis.