December 5, 2022

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Helstrom “Vessels”

Season One, Episode Nine.

There’s a moment in this, the penultimate episode, where Caretaker returns to the asylum, and he’s asked how he escaped from the Blood, and he tells a story about how he somehow got out of his handcuffs while being transported somewhere else.  It’s a scene played for laughs in a show that oh-so-rarely does anything for laughs.

I just wanted to say there was something I really enjoyed here for a second or two.

I mean, once again the show starts and while most episodes felt like there wasn’t much happening, this one does feel like something is going on.  Considering there’s only one episode left after this one and Hulu opted not to renew it, that’s probably a good thing.  I mean, I spent a good deal of time watching Ana walk around in tight leather pants, wondering how tall that actress is because she looked like she was about 75% leg.

I’m not knocking the actress for this.  She does fine with the material she’s given.  There just isn’t much material, so I end up focusing on her physical appearance, done as a chic woman of class that happens to have a lot of tight pants, filming her in such a way to make her look mostly tall, thin, and…angular.  It’s the best word to describe her appearance.

Anyway, here’s the problem:  Daimon and Gabriella were both possessed.  They got a bit hot and heavy.  Gabriella wakes up fine in a locked room with Daimon, only to realize it isn’t really Daimon but Mother the demon projecting her image into Gabriella’s mind, but Mother is a bit powerless at the moment because Gabriella is pregnant…with a newly human Mother, and it looks like this pregnancy is coming to term rather quickly.

Fortunately, the other possessed jackasses are rather dumb, and Gabriella actually manages to escape and flag down a ride.

But then there’s Daimon.  Now, considering Daimon is already half-demonic from the looks of things, I am not quite sure how he can be possessed by another demon, but here we are.  Locked up in what looks like his mom’s old cell as Victoria and Louise both try to figure something out, it may be up to Ana to do something because this demon seems to be living in the back of Daimon’s neck.  There’s a bulge that pops up back there and everything.  Maybe Ana can win the fight with her own powers and…oh, nope, that didn’t work.

Maybe she can cut the demon out with her daddy’s knife!  She almost does after there’s some general trickery, but that could kill Daimon and he’s apparently with it enough to finish exorcising the thing himself.  So, that means Daimon, the exorcist, is going to exorcise himself of a demon living in the back of his neck while he bleeds heavily from Ana’s half-assed attempts at surgery, all while Gabriella might be giving birth to a new Mother and Mother’s demon henchmen are perhaps on their way.

See?  Something happened.  Now, if only I cared at this point…

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