April 23, 2024

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Doctor Who “Doomsday”

The Daleks and the Cybermen go to war in the streets of London.

The Daleks and the Cybermen are probably the two most reoccurring villains in Doctor Who history.  Why, then, did it take them this long to actually meet up?

Apparently, the creator of the Daleks had a lot of control over their use during his lifetime, and he wouldn’t approve of such an idea.

Works for me!  We get to see them meet now regardless.

OK, so, in the lab, the Void Ship turned out to have four Daleks and…something else inside of it.  Rose, Mickey, and a random Torchwood scientist are down there, and I would learn the scientist’s name, but the Daleks suck all the knowledge out of his brain and kill him, so it doesn’t really matter what his name is.  The only thing keeping Rose and Mickey alive is Rose says she knows how the Time War ended, and she saw the Dalek emperor die.  The only thing keeping Mickey alive is the Daleks figure threatening Mickey will get Rose to do something for them.

Well, that’s not likely.  But it is fun seeing Rose’s bravado in the face of, well, Daleks.

As for the Doctor, he’s with Jackie, Torchwood director Yvonne Hartman, and the Cybermen.  The Cybermen figure now would be a good time to start processing people since there are about five million Cybermen around, and they don’t quite understand why people are fighting back.  Cybermen don’t get emotions, but they do figure the Doctor shouldn’t be processed just yet, so they opt to keep him.  Of course, to calm Jackie, the Doctor called up Rose on her phone.  By then, the Cyberleader had sent two Cybermen drones down to talk to whoever was down there just as the lead Dalek did the same to one of his own.  That led to an episode highlight as both sides demanded the other identify themselves, but neither felt inclined to do it for the other first until the Dalek shouted that Daleks don’t identify themselves.  Of course, the Dalek leader somehow figured out they were Cybermen and rejected a Cybermen offer for a team-up because Daleks see everyone as inferiors.

That led to the Daleks killing the Cybermen drones.

And then the resistance from that other world came in to take out the Cybermen, including the Cyberleader, in the room with the Doctor.  That makes the Cybermen temporarily leaderless, long enough for Jackie (but not Hartman) to escape assimilation.

So, what’s going on?  The Doctor, against his will, is returned to the other Earth where he meets Pete Tyler.  The Torchwood there had dimensional hoppers, but the Doctor knows that’s a bad idea and why the other world is heating up too fast.  Also, Harriet Jones is the president over there and the Doctor advises keeping an eye on her.

So, is there a solution to all this?  Especially when all the Daleks want is for Rose to touch their whateveritis they brought with them, something they say was made with Time Lord technology?

Of course there is.  The Doctor knows the gap between realities has to close, and he even has a solution for it.  First, he goes back with Pete and the rebels to collect Jackie and the others.  Then he makes a deal with the Cybermen because the Daleks are much, much worse.  And while the Cybermen do have a HUGE advantage in numbers, the Daleks’ forcefields keep the Cybermen from even hurting them.

So, while normally five million versus four wouldn’t be a problem for the side with five million, it isn’t enough to worry a Dalek.  But when Rose tells them the Doctor is out there, that is a very different story.

Sadly, while rescuing Rose and Mickey, Mickey touches the mystery pod, allowing it to open.  That said, that was part of the Doctor’s plan, and the whole thing hinges on getting rid of everything that shouldn’t be there all at once.

Oh, the mystery pod?  It was a Time Lord prison ship.  Bigger on the inside.  A few million Daleks are in there, and now they’re coming out to fight the Cybermen and anyone else they can exterminate.

Now, the Doctor can open the void up, and it’ll suck out everything that went through the void that isn’t nailed down.  Pete, Jackie, Mickey, the others, they can go to the replacement Earth, take Rose since she went through the void too, and after that the portal will close for good.  The humans all live.  And the process of opening the portal will suck all the Daleks and Cybermen into the void forever.  Sure, the Doctor could also get sucked in, but he has something to hold on to, and as long as his human friends are on the other side, they’ll be fine.

Rose refuses to go.  She even zaps herself back to help the Doctor.  That turns out to be good because the Doctor needs some help, and it does work.  All the Daleks and Cybermen, including presumably Hartman who was helping the Doctor as a Cyberman, get sucked into the Void.  OK, one Dalek does escape, but that’s for later.  Lousy Cult of Skaro.

And Rose, who said she was going to die almost gets sucked into the void herself, but Pete pops in the grab her and take her to the other Earth.  The portal closes, Pete will run Torchwood over there, and Rose is dead…on the world she was born on because the Doctor was able to send a goodbye and almost an “I love you” before the last hole between universes ended.

And that was more or less the end of Billie Piper’s time on the show.  She does make a guest appearance here and there, but how was she?  As companions go, not a bad one.  She could hold her own and even helps out.  Yes, the Doctor was smitten with her, and the Ninth even gave her a kiss (to save her life, of course), and as an everyman sort of character, she was something of a good one.  Lively and charismatic, a character like Rose was as necessary as the Doctor to get the revival going, and it ends in a sad manner with the Doctor, alone on the TARDIS, looking heartbroken.

You know, until he turns around and sees some unknown woman in a wedding dress just standing there.

If Rose was a good companion for the Tenth Doctor, the other great one was Donna Noble.  And there she is…