June 22, 2024

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Vikings “Lost Souls”

Season Six, Episode Fourteen

So, we have Ivar’s escape with Ivan from Oleg, and that was a tense scene.   And there was more political drama in Kattegat, but that’s about par for the course here.

Instead, we seem to finally be getting somewhere with Ubbe’s plot.

Ubbe is a bit harder to pin down of the remaining brothers in that, unlike Ivar, Hvitserk, and even the recently deceased Bjorn were all more or less attached to the wars between various Rus and Norwegians and whatnot.  Instead, Ubbe just wants to explore and see more.  He is, arguably, the most like his father of all the brothers.  Yes, Bjorn got the leadership and Ivar the strategic mind, but Ubbe just wants to explore and set up colonies for his people, something Bjorn was initially interested in but then moved on from.

So, while Ivar is actually acting like a human being for once, Hvitserk still has no personality, and Bjorn is dead, Ubbe has been looking for the golden land and not exactly finding it.

Now, to be fair, Ubbe also isn’t as well-defined a character as Bjorn and Ivar, but the actor has the strongest resemblance to Travis Fimmel of the lot, and the character reminds me the most of Ragnar Lothbrok, like some sort of discount, off-model version.  So, with all that in mind, how’s he doing?

Well, he and his expedition do find a land, but Othere insists it isn’t the Golden Land, but the others, such as Flatnose, seem to think it is and want to stay.  Torvi is in mourning for the kid that washed overboard in the prior episode, but at the same time, she does say it’s the will of the gods, so why fight it?

Here’s the problem with the new land:  there’s nothing there.  No animals.  No people.  No wood,  No, like, anything.  Flatnose says they should call it “Greenland”.

Ubbe, now, he knows this isn’t the place he’s looking for, and he likewise, thanks perhaps to visions of the long dead Eyeless Seer Dude, knows that staying here will cause problems.  As such, he’s looking to shove off once the winter ends and try to find the Golden Land again.

Well, by then the others have divided the land up equally, so Ubbe and Torvi, possibly with Othere, may be moving on before things get bad.  After all, these folks are among the ones who started a feudin’ and a fussin’ back when they all founded Iceland as a colony, so it isn’t completely out of the question that Greenland, with even less resources, will be just as problematic for the people trying to eke out a living there.

Oh, wait, it already is when a dead whale washes up on the beach.  There’s enough meat and blubber there to feed and provide fuel for everyone, or Flatnose could claim all of it because it landed on his section of the beach.

Flatnose claimed all of it because it landed on his section of the beach.

That’s a lot of trouble to get into over a dead animal.