June 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “Army Of Ghosts”

The Doctor learns about Torchwood the hard way while searching for the source of a whole lot of "ghosts".

Well, we’ve come to this:  Rose is narrating a story about how she died in a war.

See, there is an army of ghosts apparently…

Yup, the Doctor brought Rose home again, and Jackie is actually glad to see the both of them.  And why not?  Rose’s grampa has been coming by regularly.

He’s also been dead for ten years.


Apparently, ghosts are appearing regularly all over the world in large numbers, and ghost fever is sweeping the globe.  Everyone is happy to see dead loved ones even if they just appear to be these gray, human-shaped images that pass through solid objects.  Why people assume these are ghosts of specific people I don’t know, but they appear on regular schedules for the same amount of time every time.

This disturbs the Doctor because when we see it on this show, it’s always aliens and never magic.  He just wants to find out what these things are.

At the same time, we have the Torchwood Institute, run by one Yvonne Hartman, and they’re looking into the ghosts while also looking at a weird sphere in the basement.

Naturally, the Doctor’s own experiments get Torchwood’s attention, and when he goes off in the TARDIS to look for the source of things, he lands there and sees a lot of men with guns.  So, naturally, he goes out, and when asked about his companion, he yanks Jackie out and claims it’s Rose.  He does get a tour but learns he’s actually a prisoner because anything alien that Torchwood finds, it keeps.  That includes the Doctor and the TARDIS.

The Doctor doesn’t seem too worried.  Rose is still inside the thing, and this way she can look around while the Doctor keeps Hartman busy in her own “British Empire is awesome” way, but she does actually start to listen to the Doctor when he tells her how trying to experiment with the weak dimensional barriers is a really bad idea.

Too late.  Some of the techs, one played by a future companion, have already been taken over by something we got a quick glimpse of, and someone might have noticed they were suddenly wearing two earpods.  They finish the experiment and bring the ghosts through.

That happens even after the Doctor turns the three off because they were dead the whole time and just walking corpses.

Oh, and Rose got caught in the sphere room.  The sphere, the Doctor says, is a theoretical Void Ship that can travel between dimensions.  It made the barriers weak, and the ghosts were following.  Rose finds the ship but learns the psychic paper and a pilfered lab coat don’t work on trained Torchwood personnel.  Their security is so tight.

That’s why Mickey is also working in the sphere room, ready to blow up whatever is in the Void Ship.

See, the ghosts aren’t ghosts.  They’re Cybermen invading Earth.


They are everywhere, after all.

Well, this is bad, but it can always get worse because the Cybermen don’t have the technology to build a Void Ship.  And yeah, the Cybermen acknowledge that.  They followed someone else, and the Void Ship is opening up.

Nope, not Cybermen in there.

It’s four Daleks.

Daleks and Cybermen?  This will get uglier before it gets easier, won’t it?