Gotham “The Blind Fortune Teller”

Well, that was somehow expected and not…

So, it’s Gotham.  We have a lot of plot lines going on as always.  Some are more interesting than others.

Barbara returns home, finds Ivy and Selina there, and rather than kick out the two squatters, gets their advice on how to win Jim back.  Barbara plots are like a colossal waste of time anyway, so it doesn’t matter that this one seems particularly stupid or anything.

Bruce’s going to the board at Wayne Enterprises and demanding an end to corruption is different.  On a more serious show, and Gotham surely isn’t a more serious show, this would be something bigger than it is.  But he’s still a kid asking a bunch of adults to stop having mob ties he’s sure they have, so I expect this one will not go well down the road.

Fish running things in the organ harvester’s prison looks more promising as she’s that sort of ruthless that she can organize the other prisoners to prevent people from being taken by collectively murdering anyone the guards come to claim, but it does get her a meeting.  This is a Gotham sort of story, but it’s also clearly set up for later.

Penguin’s nightclub isn’t doing well.  He’s letting his mother sing, but then critics who point out she sucks get killed.  For all Oswold’s skills, he’s not good at running a club, so he gets help:  Butch, the world’s friendliest mobster!  Sure, he worked for Fish and he’s loyal to Fish, but, um, Zsasz broke Butch.  Now he’ll do anything Oswold or Zsasz wants.

Um, ew.

But then there’s the main plot:  murder at the circus!  Jim takes Lee to Haly’s Circus, and there a fight breaks out because someone killed the woman with the pet python.  I don’t know what they would call an act like that.  Regardless, there are two feuding families:  the acrobatic Graysons and the clown family, the Lloyds, including young John Grayson and Mary Lloyd.  Sure, they seem sweet on each other when they aren’t defending respective relatives over the theft of a horse over a century ago…

Gotham is ridiculous.

So, which of the snake charmer’s boyfriends, the Lloyd or the Grayson, did her in?  And is that blind fortune teller, an old man who would look more comfortable ringing a bell while sitting in a wheelchair, telling the truth about his psychic visions that lead to a bloody axe?

OK, the psychic is a fraud and the killer is the snake charmer’s son Jerome.

And Jerome…finds it all very, very funny.

Yeah, he’s…kinda scary.

Wait, a circus performer who finds murder funny?  With a creepy smile and an unstable laugh?  In Gotham City?

That might be important later.

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