April 12, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Satan Pit”

It's the Doctor vs. the Devil. No, seriously!

There’s a being in this two-parter who claims he’s the devil.  An impossibly powerful evil being the Doctor probably can’t beat on his own?  Well, back in the Tom Baker era, there was the all-powerful evil entity Sutekh the Destroyer in “The Pyramids of Mars”.  Why bring him up?  The voice of the devil here is from actor Gabriel Woolf, who also played Sutekh opposite the Fourth Doctor.

That was actually a coincidence.  The show had wanted Chris Evans, who was married to Billie Piper at the time, but he was busy.  No, not Captain America Chris Evans.  The guy from Top Gear.  Not that I have ever seen Top Gear, but it is popular with motorheads like my one cousin.

We now resume our regularly scheduled Doctor Who write-up.

There’s a nasty voice coming out of a pit ten miles below the surface of the planet that has, until now, been holding a steady orbit around a black hole.  The Doctor, along with scientist Ida, are down there and the Doctor actually does something he’s never done before:  he suggested getting out of there.

Meanwhile, the entity possessing Toby seems to have jumped to the hive-minded Ood, and they can apparently use their translator orbs to kill people, starting with the no-name security agents.  Granted, the Ood aren’t really that tough.  There’s just a lot of them.  And now that everyone can hear the voice of a being claiming to be, well, the devil, the bad thing rattles off everyone’s deepest, darkest fears and sins.

And the Doctor…isn’t impressed.  He wants to know which devil he’s talking to, exactly.  There’s been a lot of them.

Satan, if that’s who he is, doesn’t seem to understand the question.

The only thing for the Doctor to do is go down there himself and take a look.  That means going even deeper into the pit.  He doesn’t have a lot of options there anyway.  The cable that would haul the lift with Ida and himself back up snapped.

And yes, the devil is down there.  Sort of.  The Doctor realizes it’s really a being that inspired all the legends for devils everywhere.  But there’s something wrong.  The thing, huge though it may be, doesn’t seem to have anything to say.  Mostly it just thrashes around.  That means the Doctor realizes he actually can’t stop the devil because it’s mind is somewhere else, and the whole planet is actually a prison, and the whole thing going on is basically an escape attempt.

That all means it’s up to Rose to save the day.

She does.  She gets the others to work together, even as security guy Jefferson sacrifices himself to stop the possessed Ood.  But she gets Danny to figure out how to short circuit the Oods telepathic hive mind, and then when the other survivors get onto the escape ship, and the Doctor realizes he can’t stop the devil without killing Rose and the others, the devil has to gloat that he never left Toby’s body, so Rose ejects the poor dude (with the devil inside) out into the black hole.

Oh, and the Doctor found the TARDIS at the bottom of the shaft and was able to get himself and Ida out, but he didn’t have time to save the Ood.  One quick swap of Rose for Ida, and the TARDIS is on its way again.

But the devil said something Rose is a bit curious about.  He said she was gonna die soon…