December 5, 2022

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Helstrom “Underneath”

Season One, Episode Eight.

So, apparently, Daimon heals fast, but his father’s old dagger is a little different in that it can maybe kill him or at least slow the healing down and leave permanent scars, hence the pentagram on his chest.

But beyond that, it still didn’t seem to have a whole lot happening.

That really is the thing about Helstrom.  I’ll watch an episode.  I’ll see things happen.  And then in the end, I’ll wonder what those things are because it sure seems to be a lot of Not Much.

Take this episode for example…you know, as opposed to a different episode since I am writing about episode eight….and what does happen.

Ana and Daimon talk again, but in a nice change of pace, they apologize to each other.  Hell, Ana is being nice and looking to make amends.

But by then, Daimon and Gabriella are off on a road trip to get the rest of the dagger, seeing as how Gabriella pulled the blade out of his shoulder where the Blood stabbed him.  And it is a little amusing that Daimon’s childhood home, where he hid the other part, is part of an open house with an oblivious realtor assuming the two are a couple and Gabriella really going for that.

As for Ana, she and Louise go off to rescue or stop Mother.  It may not matter.  Ana has been looking to put Mother down for a while now.

In the end, Ana becomes Daimon actually looks to help Victoria, and she’s successful, finally forcing the demon out.  And Daimon, well, he looks like he might go overboard and kill a bunch of Blood assassins that ambushed him.  OK, he doesn’t because he offers forgiveness to show he isn’t a demon, but was this basically just an episode where Ana and Daimon switched places?


I dunno.

On the other hand, that demon that got out of Victoria had to go somewhere, and it just so happened Gabriella got demon tagged, so that demon goes into her, and then she seduces Daimon and lets another demon into him and then they have sex.

Yeah, I still feel like not much happened.

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