July 22, 2024

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Helstrom “Scars”

Season One, Episode Seven.

For some reason, every time I watch an episode of Helstrom, as we get to the last few minutes, the episode just skips to the next one before the first episode ends, so I have to go back, reload the episode, and skip to the last ten minutes or so.  It’s annoying, and I have to wonder if I am the only one and if so, is this why the show got canceled?  People got frustrated and quit?

More like it’s mostly kinda boring.

I mean, let’s take a look here.  After an introductory scene showing younger versions of Caretaker and Louise agreeing to split Daimon and Ana up, we go to the present where Mother is caring for more demons, Ana has gone back home, and Daimon is getting recruiting calls from the Blood.

Oh, and the Blood captured Caretaker and are torturing him for some stuff.

Now, the Blood are those idiots who think keeping possessed people comatose somehow stops demons because if demons go back to Hell, they come back stronger.  And, once again, comatose people aren’t immortal, so clearly they put a lot of thought into this.

All that leaves us with is Daimon eventually going to the Blood with Gabriella to rescue Caretaker, only for the Blood agents to turn on him, and, once he’s stabbed with a special knife, he goes all fire and brimstone, with a pentagram-shaped fire bursting onto his chest.

I will refer to the previous statement about the Blood not being very bright.

Oh, and meanwhile, Ana covers for Chris when his cop boyfriend comes by to point out someone has been accessing his police files from Ana’s auction house for people who disappeared or turned up dead.  Yes, these are the guys who Ana has been killing because they’re bad people.  That said, Ana also almost sucks the life out of Chris’s special someone, but she doesn’t, so I guess she’s not as bad as we have been led to believe she is or something.

Like I said, this is fairly boring stuff.  Ana and Daimon open the episode arguing, Mother is to something, and then Daimon explodes like fire, but that’s it.  If the show didn’t have such a ponderous tone to it, I might be interested in what happens.