December 11, 2023

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Helstrom “Leviathan”

Season One, Episode Six.

So, between write-ups for this episode and the previous one, it came out that Hulu canceled Helstrom after one season.  I’m just over halfway through its first and only season and can’t say that I am either surprised or upset by this.  But I came this far, so I might as well finish as I try to decide what I’m going to follow up Helstrom with on Mondays.  Hopefully something better.

I mean, this show had people doping up the demonically possessed under the assumption that it kept the demons from escaping back to Hell and coming back stronger.  That seemed like a dumb idea to me because at the least sooner or later those people would die.  Or, more accurately, this is a TV show, so if you introduce something like that, something awful was bound to happen.

Like at the end of the previous episode when Gabriella took Daimon there only to find the patients had woken up and killed the staff.

That was Spivey’s doings.  Sort of.  He seems to be possessed with the spirit of Daimon and Ana’a father.  And he didn’t stick around for very long.  He’s headed down to the asylum to get his wife, no longer possessed by Mother, and then cause more trouble because demonic serial killers don’t do things like that just to have a nice picnic in the park with their wife and kids.

Speaking of kids, Ana is at the asylum visiting her pal Chris, and he seems to be a lot more like himself now that he gave up that Keeper Demon’s skull.

It’s possibly a good thing Ana is there because Spivey shows up with some of his new demonically possessed friends while others are acting as barriers keeping Daimon and Gabriella from returning too quickly.  All anyone at the hospital knows is Spivey/Papa Helstrom wants someone there, either Ana or Victoria.  Probably Victoria because Mother used to be in her mind.

Or maybe still is.  You shouldn’t trust a demon.

Regardless, Daimon comes back, Louise knows how to corral loose patients, and Chris can just home in on that demon skull, so when it looks like Spivey’s torso is going to open up and swallow Daimon, Ana can just jam the skull in there and take him out.

Oh, and then we learn Victoria is still possessed by Mother, who grabs Spivey’s remains, possibly including that skull, and takes off.

Well, there can’t be much worse going on.

Oh wait, Ana says it wasn’t her father in Spivey after all.

These kids have the worst parents ever.