February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Bad Wolf”

The Doctor and his companions find themselves separated in the future on different reality TV shows.

Apparently, there are a couple robots in this episode based on various British TV personalities, and said personalities did the voices themselves.  That said, the only one I recognized was Anne Robinson, playing the Anne Droid, and I’ve seriously never even seen The Weakest Link.

But the “Bad Wolf” thing may have finally been somewhat explained.

For reasons initially unknown, the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack find themselves waking up, suffering some slight amnesia, on different TV shows.  The Doctor is on Big Brother.  Rose is on The Weakest Link.  And Captain Jack is getting a fashion make-over on something called What Not to Wear.  There was a Trans-matt involved, and that’s why they don’t quite remember how they got there.  Apparently, whoever is running things just grabs random people off the Earth to appear on different shows that everyone watches, but the Doctor only learns about that later.

Oh, and these shows seem a lot more lethal than usual.  The Doctor sees evictions from the House end in a disintegrator, Rose learns the host-bot does the same to anyone found to be the weakest link (or who makes a run for it), and Captain Jack seems to be having a good time until the droids there recommend removing his head for the next stage in his make-over.

As it is, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to get out, taking one of the two remaining contestants with him.  Rose is kept alive despite missing a few centuries’ worth of history because one guy knows she’ll be easy to beat in the end.  And Captain Jack still had a gun even when a ray gun leaves him without any clothes on.  Don’t ask where he had it.

And all of this is the doing of the Bad Wolf corporation, causing Rose to remember every “Bad Wolf” reference the show has pulled out so far while the Doctor realizes he’s on that satellite he freed from the constant news feed.  Apparently, with no news, the people didn’t know what to do, so someone started these shows since the Earth is too polluted to go outside for most of the year anyway and people need something to do.

And then, tragedy, as the Doctor and Jack, reunited, finally get into the Weakest Link only to see Rose disintegrate before their eyes.

Now the Doctor is something that no one wants to see:  he’s mad.  Mad enough to actually agree to physically fight his way out of a security cell with Jack and the other contestant to the control room to confront the woman hooked up to everything and controlling all this stuff.

Except she’s been doing this since she was five and doesn’t really control anything, but when a solar flare comes through, she can speak her own mind and asks for the Doctor to help.  By then, Jack has found the TARDIS in a closet and discovered the disintegrator wasn’t disintegrating anybody.  It was another Trans-matt sending people…somewhere.

Yes, Rose is alive.  And terrified.  She sees something she recognizes.

As it is, the Doctor and Jack get a glimpse too.  And that also frightens them.  It’s an alien armada that shouldn’t exist.  Half a million beings strong.  And the Doctor knows them and they know him.

Yes, because no matter how many times you somehow wipe out the Daleks, they always come back.  They remade the Earth exactly how they wanted it, and they have Rose.  Getting through to the Doctor, the order is obvious:  surrender or Rose will be exterminated.

And the Doctor says, “No.”

Like, three times.

Daleks aren’t used to that.

They really aren’t used to the Doctor saying he’s going to rescue Rose despite the fact he has no weapons or even a plan.

And that, quite frankly, should be something that scares the Daleks more than anything.

So, next time we get the Ninth Doctor’s final episode.  I’m sure he’ll go out as well as he came in.