September 25, 2022

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YouTube Selection: The Cinema Cartography Discusses The Portrayal Of Evil

How does art depict evil? The Cinema Cartography discusses it.

What is evil?  Culturally, there are a lot of possible definitions, but how evil is depicted in art is also going to be seen in many different ways.

The YouTube channel The Cinema Cartography has some thoughts.

The Cinema Cartography channel does some really deep dives into film (as the name suggests), and when I found a video from them discussing movie directors I’ve never heard of, sure enough, it was not only directors I’d never heard of but also I had no idea how to even find their work.  However, they don’t just do the obscure stuff, so here’s a video where they talk about the different forms of fictional evil as seen in a wide variety of mediums, mostly film, but also TV, cartoons, anime, video games, and a few other mediums.  See below to see what evil may look like in fiction.

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